“The Great Silent Hero” by Rocky Romano

In memory of my Father who passed away today in the morning. So long Dad, I love you! So long Hero!


0915152325-00August, 1955. An oil field, in a faraway place.

Was a quiet night. Only the boilers could be heard in that dangerous work area. The view from the oil field was, it was both mesmerizing and mysterious, that place was in front of the Atlantic Ocean. Precisely where the boilers were, you could see a man moving hastily, watching countless manometers, and doing various maneuvers in the engine room. This man’s job was to keep the correct rate of the working machines, also to keep the boilers at their correct temperature. That tireless working man had a name, Julian.

He was a very diligent and dedicated to his duties, he knew his job, and was a man of high morals. Julian took a short break to drink fresh water, and thought of the terrible tragedy that happened in this same place years ago. He walked the work area and imagined…

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“Father and Daughter a Team Forever” by Rocky Romano



I want to thank my daughter H.H., who helped me to compose the characters of this fictional story.


This story was written in the Present tense because it was dictated from my imagination in constant present.-


This is My Present

I am sitting at my desk, front of my computer, my mind is blank, in this precisely moment there is no source of inspiration that sends message to my mind, that mysterious energy creator who move the hands of the writers on the keyboard.

My name is David Bronson, I’m a writer, I started from nothing just folowing and giving free rein to my imagination to build a better world, throughout the years I written some books and I’m in a good position sales, last year my last book sold a million copies which I was selected as “Best Seller”. I have achieved recognition and some fame, which has not dizzy me, I keep myself living with the same humility that characterizes my life, held in my small cabin in front of a beautiful lake, in the most complete silence where I can hear the message from the Universe. Yeah! right! I have a personal life, an amazing person that is the reason of my life, my daughter, my little Angel whose name is Winter, she is very special since she was born exist a connection and unwavering confidence among us.  Today she is 18 years old, but for me is still my little girl that even needs my protection. Also she was and will remain part of my existence, my wife Kira. After our divorce she choosed to use her maiden name, she says does not want feel under the shadow of the fame that have led my books. Needless to say it is Kira who gave me  the best of my life, my daughter Winter.

Something is wrong

Apart from writing my own books, sometimes I have the luxury to write some articles for the magazine Reader’s Digest, in that I am at this moment. The subject commissioned by the editor, is about Moral Values in our youth of teenagers. But I have not accomplished anything so far, something is not right that not get the desired connection, something is wrong.


Suddenly my mind takes me to my hometown, that beautiful town Wales, who managed they culture and habits over various generations, now far from me, Porth Madryn in the last country in South America, front of the beautiful and pure waters of the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

Forty years ago my parents emigrated to America when I was only 10 years. I still carry in my soul the sweet song of the gulls and roar of the raging waves crashing against the rocks also the unforgettable stories of pirates and ghost ships of old boats that had disappeared centuries ago in those stormy and mysterious seas. My Grandmother used tell me that in sea storms nights between thunders and lightning used to see the phantasmagorical  silhouettes  of those ships.

My Present again

My thoughts return to my present, I need to drink cold water thinking about my daughter Winter that something is not right with her. I realize that this is the reason why I can not concentrate on my work of writing my article. In that moment I hear someone coming into my home.

“Hi Daddy, are you  home?” Winter wonders aloud.

“Oh! What a surprise! I did not expect your visit, is not the week you should be with me”. While approach and hug her.

Showing me concern, she tells me.

“Sorry! Dad, are you busy with your work?”.

“No busy for you. You are my daughter the most important thing in my life over anything. You are always very welcome, also this is your house, always will be”.

She hug me again.

“Thank you! Daddy. You know how much I love you! I enjoy being with you”.

To which I reply.

“I know Winter, I know. Here the same feeling. Today, coincidentally I was thinking about you”.

She smile while I ask her.

“I am very worry about your mother’s relationship with this new guy in her life. Can you tell me something about that”.

Winter look at me with real love and says.

“Daddy, you are incredible!, you cannot change your soul protector. I can only tell you that it is something that Mom never forget about you. But we are going to talk later about that”.

“As you wish, Winter”.

A Conversation Between a Dad and Daughter.

I see something in her eyes, but before I talk, she tell me this.

“Dad, I need to talk with you about an episode that happened in my life this week. Do you have time right now?”.

I smiling while I am taking our lunch box.

“Of course! I have time for you. Look at that, do you remember our lunch box the same that we used when you were a little girl, and got along water, apple juice and some snacks for our hikes and games in the park, ours Father and Daughter times”.

She looks at me tenderly and says.

“Yes, Daddy, how I could never forget that!. Even though you were tired after you work, you always had time for me”.

I hold back my tears. And then I say.

“Okay, okay! I think sandwiches and waters it will be enough. Let’s walk through the park and we will stop at the front of the lake and we will take our lunch there and you will tell me everything about what happened to you this week”.

Winter says.

“I love the idea!!”.

We are both walking in front of the lake and stop before a rustic wooden table which seems ideal for our lunch. We sit down and prepare to eat the exquisite sandwiches made by my hands.

Winter begins to tell me about what happened to her this week and had impacted this part of her life.

“Dad, this was a trial that helped me to put in practice The Moral Values that you and Mom taught me since I was a little girl. I never forget about what you said on our walks to the playground at the neighboring school”.

I add.

“I remember very well”.

She continuous speaking.

“Dad, you told me that everything it is about thinking before making a decision, because decisions can undoubtedly affect our future for better or worse

She continuous speaking.

“Yeah, Daddy! I clearly remember when you told me, If you take a good decision you will have the chance to have a happy future and you will enjoy the positive results, it will be the reward of having done the right thing”.

And we both continue to unison ending the sentence.

“And before any event feel free to take the right path”.

A Young Boy With a Dishonest Proposal.

I look  her eyes and still see my six years old little girl explaining to me about the good decisions she took in her days of first grade school.

“Two weeks ago I met in my gym class  a young handsome and nice boy, who invited me out to lunch. At the first time I found him very respectful gentleman and then I accepted the invitation”.

She pauses and continues

“And during the lunch he proposed  me something unexpected…”.

“What was the proposal?”. I ask

“Well, he invited me to be friends with benefits, then he paused and with a ridiculous smile he waited for my answer”.

I interrupt her and I express my anger.

“Evil boy!! I going to kick his ass!! I do not have any doubt what was your answer”.

Winter looks at me and say.

“I replied him in this tone way. You can keep your idiot smile for another occasion, you had chosen the wrong girl for your purposes, so get out of my life!”.

I stop at the moment and I can no longer continue eating my sandwich.

“Jesus! My Lord!”.

“Dad, do not worry about that. I feel really good about my decision. The Moral Values that you and Mon taught me are part of my personality. I just want to thank you, you and I always worked as a real team. We were always a Team!”.

And I add to the sentence.

“We are and will be forever”.

Well, everyone who knows me knows that I am very emotional man. I cannot contain my tears.

“Winter, I feel an immense pride of you, I always knew that you are very special Girl with a Heart of Gold”.

The Expression of Love

Winter approaches me and hugs me with the same love and tenderness that when she was six years old.

“Dad, you too.  You were and you are a wonderful father. I will keep you inside me, no matter where I have to go. By the way this episode in my life is solved”.

Smile and adds.

“This time was not necessary to kick any butt”.

Both, we laugh. Winter takes a brief pause and ask me.

“Daddy, can I stay at your house tonight? and you can cook a delicious dinner for me. I really miss much your meals!!”.

I think to myself , I should finish my story for the magazine Reader’s Digest, I have to comply with this commitment. Jesus!! I have not even begun!. But, I think that I will write it, while she sleeps at night. Then I reply.

“Of course!! Like old times!! How about roast meat with baked potatoes.?”

She responds very happy and excited.

“That would be great, Daddy!.”

Winter’s cell phone rings, she pick it up. I realize that it is her mother who is on the other side of the line. I leave the place showing due respect for the conversation between them.

Winter ends the conversation and approaches  me.

“Dad, I invite Mom to have dinner with us, she is very lonely and little sad, just broken her relationship with her boyfriend. It is fine for you?.”

I smile.

“Of course!, your Mother is always welcome in my house”.

Very happy she says.

“Thank you Daddy!.”

Winter makes a brief silence and asks.

“May I ask you something?”.

“Yes, shoot me!.”

“Why did you divorce her? I was the reason?. You spent a lot time of your life giving me the best, also Mom made it. I do not think both of you have devoted time to each other”.

I stroke her head feeling that is still my little girl and I answer.

“No, you were and you are the reason for our existences. If there was something in which your mother and I agreed, was in giving you Love, Protection and Teaching you The Moral and Spiritual Values, which created  you a confident person”.

Then she shoots me with the same question.

“Dad, tell me the reason!, what was the real reason?”.

I reply.

“I do not know and I do not know if I will ever know. Maybe we were too different or the worst, maybe too many alike. I really do not know!. I so sorry my sweet heart”.

It’s okay Daddy”.

The Old Grumpy Dog

We start walking towards my house, I still feel overwhelmed because I have not written anything to the Magazine Readers Digest. Suddenly in this instant we see a familiar figure, totally familiar walking toward us. I can see her smile from afar and for few second my heart freezes and come to my mind some very happy of my life with Kira. Again tears in my eyes. I blame to the seasonal allergies, obviously Winter does not believe me.

It’s funny both hug each other as if they had not seen for a long time. Then Kira approaches me and also hugs me.

“Hello Old Dog! How have you been? I have received some comments that you lately stopped snarling enough”.

To which I reply with a big smile.

“Do not believe that! I still continues growl with myself every morning when I am front the mirror and I can see a new wrinkle on my face and also during the day when I cannot remember where I put my glasses. The worst, not one in my home that could tell me where I leaved them”.

She adds

“That’s why you miss me, Grumpy Dog”.

“Yeah, maybe, maybe. But you know what barking dog does not bite”.

Kira smile and says.

“I know perfectly that”.

“Kira, thank you for coming”.

“Thank you! for having me”.

“Kira, is a good opportunity to talk about our daughter, I am very proud about her. You and I do not work in vain on her education, we gave the necessary steps to develop tools in her life, and so far is doing very well. She knows that the future depends largely on the decisions we make in the present. This is beyond any religion, God is present when we do the right thing”.

Kira look at me.

“David, the first thing that I can say is that I do agree with you. And the second thing is: Yours speech are so long as always, you never change that”.

We both start laughing and hug each other.

At home I cook while they watch a family movie. After finishing my magnificent dinner I bring both of them hot food and drinks to the sofa where they lie down.

They both laugh enjoying dinner and the movie. As in times past, tonight I become in their personal waiter.

“Daddy can you bring for me of this amazing meal?”.

And Kira joins to the orders for the Night Waiter.

“Hey, Grumpy Old Dog, since long time I did not eat anything so exquisite, bring me some more potatoes with cream and a piece of roast beef”.

I answer to both.

“Everything is on track Beautiful Ladies”.

And also I ask them a little patience!!

“I am not a machine, nothing is automatic!”.

Both laugh again and I hear a comment that is almost a whisper.

“You see Winter? The Old Dog has not stopped snarling.

I act like do not hear the comment I just smile.

I still absorbed in my thoughts about good decision that Winter had taken at this stage of her life, then it comes to my mind pleasant memories. When Winter was only six years old we were in a supermarket doing shopping routine, Winter and I were almost to pay our purchases, then my little girl bent down and picked up from the floor one hundred bill, I looked in surprise when she stretched her little hand toward the cashier and said.

“Ma’am I think this bill belongs to you”.

Then the cashier stretched her hand

“Thank you Princess! You are a good girl!!”.

At the same time I heard a comment that come from someone who was on the line behind us.

“Innocent Girl!! you should have kept with the money no one would have noticed of this”.

I turned around and looked at the person.

“You are wrong, she did the right thing!”.

We left the building and once outside I knelt down exactly in front of Winter.

“Winter, Daddy is very proud of you! You did the right thing, no matter what the world says. Remember this, if you do the right thing in your life, you will have confidence in yourself and your heart will be full of peace. God will be stroking your head saying”.

“Good Job Winter!”

Today I have the same feeling of pride about Winter and I realize that the different challenges that the life puts in her life, she knows that making good decisions and doing the right thing will result in a successful and peaceful future.

At this time Kira and Winter have finished the dinner and also the movie. Is too late, I see eye strain in Kira.

“Kira, you can spend the night here, there enough room for both of you in the Winter’s bedroom, two beds and the bathroom is decently clean. Tonight will be cold there you will find extra blankets. You are very welcome!”.

“Inspiration Always comes from Life”

“oh  David! You are so sweet, it is the part that we love from you the women that we cross in your way”.

I move my head from one side to the other.

“I quit, no women anymore. I am a failure with them. You were the last one”.

“hum!.. I have to believe you?”.

I look at Kira.

Yes, you have to. If not, what is the difference?”.

Then Winter approach and hugs me.

“Daddy, I love you with all my heart!! . Thank you for listening to me!. I’ll take milk with honey to my bed”.

“Winter, is not necessary that you do that, just let me know when you are in your pajamas and I will bring the milk with honey and chocolate cookies to your room”.

“Thank you Daddy!”.

“The same for you Kira, anything you need just let me know”.

Kira smile and says.

“well, you know, the usual lattes, but I will do them myself”.

“No Kira,  Tonight you are my guest. I will do them for you. The only thing after so many years I still do no understand how drinking coffee in the night you do not lose the desire to sleep. Is funny, maybe caffeine acts in reverse on you?”.

After I have led everything required by both and making sure they were resting, again, I am in front of my computer, I clasp my hands and sigh, I have made the connection. Oh yeah! I have the story that I will write to the Reader’s Digest, I just need forty eight hours to achieve my goal.

Then I write the following e mail to The Section Shorts Stories.

“My Dear Friend Editor, thank you for your patience in waiting for my story. I just want  to tell you that is it already fully written in my mind. I only need forty eight hours to type it, correct and send it. My story talks about a close relationship of trust and teaching between a Father and a Daughter and as the Moral and Spiritual values in a little girl accompany her until adolescence, helping her make good decisions in the course of life experiencing in this way a bright and successful future.

This story full of Faith and Hope was called, ‘Father and Daughter a Team Forever’.

Again thank you!  David Bronson”

I turn to my bed and think that every day is a challenge of decision making as each even small choice may affect our future. Without doubt Life is The Source of all Inspiration. Tomorrow awaits me a day full of expectations as not for a long time.























“The Therapist, an Unusual Professional” by Rocky Romano

This story is not real, is a fiction. Any fact or similitude with the central theme of this story, any resemblance to the characters and scenarios it is complete coincidence. It is the goal of this written helps to eradicate this scourge that is the domestic violence, that unfortunately affects part of our society. You can help. together we can do it.    Rocky Romano 04/12/2016

Knowing Todd Leone

Autumn had come to Seattle, beautiful colored leaves, red, yellow and some green opaque said goodbye to summer. In an old building on 10th avenue, known organization working to against Domestic Violence. They received many cases from battered women and abused by their husbands or partners. In the last office hallway, director of the institution, Peter Jensen analyzes every last summarizes the who had arranged for the post of family therapist, looked again and again staff work history and life of Todd Leone, then he thought, he was the right man for that position, although some surprising in the history of Todd indicated that was an uncommon professional, say unusual.

Close by, a man dressed classically masculine black shirt and blue jeans walked by downtown Seattle and entered the well-known Italian Coffee saluting the old man who prepared the beverages.

“Pasquale, buona giornata! Tutto bene? Dammi caffe al cioccolato mai.”

Having served the black aromatic coffee and delicious chocolate cake, the old Pasquale embrace the nice man, said.

“Todd Leone, molto tempo fa non vedo, sono felice per vostra visita inaspettata.”

“Pasquale, tu me dici, fencing di dimostrare stai? Ho dimenticato la lingua dei miei nonni? Per favore!! Che Parla Inglese!! .” Todd responded by showing him, that had not forgotten the  language of their grandparents.

“Okay, Todd, I am very happy to see you again. You began to exercise your profession again, they renewed your license, that’s significant.” Pasquale, said.

“Yes, Pasquale, now I am waiting for the end of interview, I really want this job. I must to go.”

And Pasquale really seriously said.

“Son, an advice, keep your stamina this time for love affairs, no fights anymore!.”

Precisely at that moment elsewhere in the same city, something was wrong, inhuman and detestable, Esteban entered the small apartment, the child saw him and felt fear, but the man does not care, in the small kitchen was a beautiful girl, looked long black shiny hair, her eyes reflected sadness and nostalgia, she had not heard the income of the individual, Esteban violently burst aggressively addressing her.

“Bella, instead of messing around with your therapies and absurd meetings you should devote time to cook, I am hungry!!.”

She could not avoid the stinking breath alcohol and other herbs, while was crying said.

“Esteban, please! be patient, do not scare the child.”

The little one entrance to the kitchen and saw his father slapped his mother.

“Miserable girl, the next I’ll hit you even harder.”

Then, the child ran to hug Bella.

“Do not cry, my little Nelson, Mommy’s fine.” Bella said.

Very hastily she served the food and left the place with the child in her arms, that nasty man ate like a hungry beast.

The Interview

Meanwhile, Todd entered the office of the director Peter Jensen, after the previous introduction .

“Todd,  Have a seat, please!.” The Director invited Todd

“Thank you, Mr. Jensen.” Said Todd

Mr. Jensen putting his glasses said.

“Okay, let’s cut to the chase, having studied your background, I think and believe that you are the right man for the post of family therapist in the area of women victims of domestic violence, however episode for which was held your license for a considerable period not stop calling my attention, would be very useful if with your own words tell me, what happened that morning of October, 24 at the fast food place located at 156 Avenue in Bellevue.”

The mind of Todd stopped  completely to return to the time of his past, he instantly sat back, crossed his hands together and looked at the Director’s eyes and said.

“I do not regret it slightest about what I did that day.”

It happened in an autumn in 2012, Todd was visiting a school in District Bellevue to talk about, how to teach children to protect themselves from strangers and spot them in schools and places of games, during the meeting were teachers, parents and students.

Absorbed in his own thoughts, Todd continued saying.

“I left the school building, the cold was piercing and my body was asking for some food and eager my mind add a message, hot coffee. I did not know the area very well, so while driving my car on 156th Street and I saw a fast food place, decided to stop there, once inside the establishment  I realized that there was no available tables in adult area, an employee of the business said.

“Sir, if you uncomfortable eating in the playground area, there you will find some free tables.”

“No, uncomfortable in the least.” Todd said

Todd drank water and continued.

“Down stairs, an old and sympathetic woman cleared the tables, she greeted me and I responded politely, observed on the badge her name and I said, Lila, you work very hard.”

She replied nervously.

“I so sorry, I do not speak English, my English is very poor.”

“And what is your original language?.” Todd asked

“Spanish.” She answered

In that moment Lila looked into his eyes and said in Spanish.

“Soy vidente, talvez tu no puedas creer esto. Tu eres un buen hombre que cree en la justicia,y tratas de llevarla a donde tu vas. Cuidado con esto! Estaras en problemas!.”

And Todd without understanding said.

“Sorry, I cannot understand you.”

At the same time he felt a chill in his body and really knew the woman had a sixth sense, another employee’s Lila approached to him and said.

“Sir, do not panic, she is just telling you, that you are a good man and believe in justice and try to carry it wherever you go, be careful with that, it can bring to you some problems.”

And the employee added.

“Do not pay attention to what she is talking about, because we believe she driving crazy.”

So, Todd approached the woman and said.

“Thank you very much, Sweet Lady I will remember it.”

Once Todd has placed his food order, he noticed that a child was playing there, it was accompanied by an adult who appeared to be his father, who was lost in his world sending text messages. Suddenly the man stood up violently and went to the child and said.

“Bruce, it is time to go!!.”

The boy replied.

“No, Steve, not yet, I’m having fun.”

Then the man reacted very temperamentally.

“Boy, which parts you do not understand?, we have to leave, right now!.”

The boy insisted.


“No, buts!!” The man said.

Then, he took in a very rough way the child from his little arm and slapped the boy on the right cheek. The child let out a cry of anguish and despair saying.

“Please!! Do not hit me, again.”

Todd, stopped eating, got up from his chair and went to the man and said.

“Sir, excuse me, you should stop mistreating your child, now.”

The man reacted arrogantly and answered.

“What? who are you?. This is not your business!.”

The athletic therapist looked into the eyes of the ruthless man, and his sentence had already ruled and with a deep voice replied.

“My name is Todd Leone, I am Therapist and work against the Domestic Violence, especially on children and women, I have authority to speak about this. Oh! yeah! it is my business to stop it, when I see evil people hurt kids.”

Steve, laughed, scorn and evil.

“Stupid man! tell me, how you are going to stop this?.”

Extreme security was perceived in The Therapist and responded.

“I have some interesting and novel methods, I can give you a demonstration.”

The thug did not think. Todd approached ready to attack as the man threw the first blow, which was avoided with absolute skill like a professional boxer, while taking the right arm of Steve, and twisted from behind his grabbed his lower back and neck where the head end and a powerful strength, hit him again and again on the table, in the last hit the thug bounced back and fell on the floor with his face smashed and bloodied. The boy with a cheerful expression said.

“Yes!!. He deserve it!.” And ran to embrace The Therapist.

In the blink of an eye, the police were there, Todd was handcuffed and placed under arrest, one of law enforcement officers asked the boy.

“Are you okay?

Smiling the little boy looked at The therapist while being guarded by the police.

“Todd, you will come back? You are great!!”

The Therapist turned and looked at the boy and said.

“As soon as I am allowed to, take care of yourself!.”

The police officer surprised smiled and approached Todd and said softly in his ear.

“I so sorry, dude, but I must to follow the procedure , I know you did the right thing, I think we need more guys like you.”

And again in the reality of the moment, Peter Jensen, The Director, interrupted coughing slightly and said.

“Well, very interesting story, full of bravery, courage and justice, but there is an established order and we must stick to it, you cannot walk everywhere to shock playing the hero.”

Todd replied sheepishly .

“I know, Sir I trust in the system, but sometimes is a little slow.”

They both looked at each other and at that time The Director of The Institution knew that before him, was a brave man. Then Mr. Jensen said.

“Congratulations!, Mr. Leone the job is your. Your office will be the #2 and also tomorrow you will receive your first case, is the one that drove Mrs. Allyson, but because her pregnancy is not doing good, she needed some vacation, so you have to continue with the case. Now you have to go to Human Resources offices and see Mrs. Ivonne, who will give you the instruction for appropriate ITS development in the organization.”

Mr. Jensen held out his hand to greet Todd and said.

“Good luck! by the way I do not believe in heroes. Now, you can go.”

Todd smiled and tightly squeezed the Mr. Jensen’s hand, which meant a sincere greeting and said.

“Mr. Jensen, thank you very much! I really appreciate this opportunity to work for this organization. But, let me tell you something, the world needs heroes.”

Then Todd left of the director’s offices.

The Meeting with Ivonne

Todd went to the office of Human Resources and there was received by Ivonne, which had everything prepared for, master key to enter the building and the corresponding tag and she introduced for herself.

“Hello, nice too meet you! My name is Ivonne Holmes, I am the Director of Human resources”

“It’s my pleasure” Todd replied

She gave in his hands all prepared items.

“Well, Todd I know all about you and I’ll be here when you need help in your work.”

Todd kindly said.

“Thank you! And tell me, how long how you been here.”

“About three years.” Ivonne answered

And Todd added.

“Wow!! I am sure you’ve had many experiences here.”

Ivonne looked at him seriously and continued.

“Look, I have seen many cases, many women and children have with success come forward and now have a better life, but there are others in which women victims of abuse not openly denounce their abusers and in that case is not much we can do, I hate this false sexism in these men, I mean that they believe are ‘Machos’, but they really are not. These kind men!! if you can call it so!!. Should there be someone to kick their ass!!.”

Todd surprised by the anger of Ivonne responding.

“Yeah! Sure!.”

Ivonne, trying to change the subject said.

“Okay, report back tomorrow 7.00 am, as you know you will have your first case, the file will be send you by e -mail to your mailbox. I beg you study it carefully, is one of those cases where fear has invaded the family and continues making very unlikable mischief, someone has to stop this.”

Then, Todd sigh as if it had been invaded by a sense of justice on this case and the idea had begun to obsess him and said.

“Okay, I will do my best, I will see you tomorrow. Thanks!.”

By the time Todd opened the door, Ivonne surprise him, again.

“Well done with that bastard at the fast food restaurant in Bellevue.”

The Therapist turned and looked at her in silence. In the Ivonne’s face had a gesture and seductress smile full of complicity and then winked and said.

“Todd, do not worry about that. I would call it ‘Occupational Hazard’.”

Then, Todd smile and left. After that Ivonne sighed and thought quietly.

“Come on Todd! Do not try to hide the warrior you have inside, I know you! I can feel you. Me too! I am a warrior. I just saw you knew we are soul mates.”

Saving a life

Nightfall come as Todd arrived to his apartment, retirement correspondence mailbox, and once inside, he thought would cook spaghetti with red sauce, it was delightful idea, the began painstaking as he learned of his mother, and he said to himself.

“This does not work without music.”

Then put the CD of a favorite, Andrea Bocelli that brought his romantic memories, ‘Per Amore’. While everything was up in the kitchen, he drank mineral water and was checking the mail that arrived on that day, a pink envelope caught his eyes, the sender read Victoria Garden.

“I cannot believe it!.”

Before opening the envelope he drained the spaghettis, beat red sauce and low temperature cooking, finally opened the envelope, smiled and drank water, it was a beautiful greetings card and smaller letter with sweet and loving children’s drawings. and it read like this:

“Dear Todd, congratulations!! on your new job, wonder how I found out, last days I was in the coffee shop of your friend Pasquale and told me the news, I’m happy for you, you deserve it…”

Not finish reading and headed to the kitchen again, withdraw the red sauce from heat and added the spaghettis and let it stand, then he thought.

“Girl was a year a few days before Christmas, if I remember that rainy night in Issaquah..”

Todd was walking in the small and beautiful City of Issaquah, rained intermittently and said.

“An umbrella with me, luckily I am cautious and always carry”

Then he saw that a hidden corner, was a young woman with wavy blond hair getting wet in the rain in front of a car with the hood up, cursing.

“Damn Self!! Starts!! That I need you!! You are rubbish!!.”

Then Todd approached her, and said cavalierly.

“Miss, let me see if I can help you.”

She had tears in her eyes and responding.

“Thank you! I get nothing good!! Nothing!, my daughter is ill and my car does not work, damn!.”

Todd looked at her and asked.

“where is your little one.”

And Victoria answered.

“In the back seat with a lot pain and high fever.”

Then Todd opened the back door and saw the little girl writhing in pain lying on the back seat, entered in her car settled beside the little girl, took her in his arms and asked.

“What is your name?.”

The little girl with straight black hair , big brown eyes and beautiful eyelashes replied.

“Ally, ow!! hurts!”

“Where does it hurt.” The Therapist asked

And the girl pointing out with her little hand the belly near the navel and said.

“Right here, my tummy.”

While lifted her right leg, Todd asked.

“How old are you?.”

Ally responded in pain.

“Ow, ow ! it hurts!! I am five years old.”

Then, Todd sat up from the car and told Victoria.

“We must hurry, this can be dangerous, the symptoms appear to be a chronic appendicitis. We must to take her to the closer Emergency Center.”

Victoria replied.

“That’s what I was trying to do, when this damn car could not start.”

Certainly nervous, Todd said.

“We will take mine, which is the closest Emergency Center?.”

Sobbing, Victoria answered.

“The Swedish Hospital. Let me tell you, thank you! Thank you very much!.”

The Therapist looked at her with compassion and said.

“You are very welcome!. They have an excellent professionals and will know what to do. Let’s go!!.”

Todd took the thin and delicate little girl in his arms and walked to his car, the old blue Nissan, 1999. Victoria sat in the back of the car and The Therapist put Ally in her arms.

Then drove fast but carefully, addressing the Swedish Hospital Issaquah and when arrived parked in the emergency area. For a moment Victoria watched as Todd gently, extreme tenderness and love took the little girl and thought.

“Wow! He is a stranger to us, but acts as her father. Where this man comes? The heaven sent him to me right now.”

They addressed to the reception of medical emergencies, and it was Todd who spoke.

“We need urgent attention to this girl, she feels very bad. I think it’s about to burst appendicitis, maybe is too late. Do not waste time with protocols! Do it something! Please!.”

Victoria intervened giving all the details of the girl and herself.

The desk clerk asked Todd.

“Are you the father.?”

Again Victoria spoke.

“He is my best friend, like a father to my child, has my permission to come with us.”

Todd looked surprised. Once in the ER, Ally was checked and the Doctor decided to make an ultrasound to detect where it come from the pain and discomfort that was affecting the little girl. The Professional who was monitoring ultrasound said.

“Holy cow! You are right, is appendicitis and has burst, is really serious. I will communicate urgently with the Doctor in charge of emergency and bring The Surgeon.”

They had to intervene urgently to Ally, her life was in danger. The nurses prepared the little girl. Ally looked around and felt desolation and while writhing sobbed said.

“I want to go home! Daddy, Daddy why you are not here?.”

Todd could not contain their silent tears and took the hand of the little one and said.

“Ally, do not worry, I am here and will accompany you at all times.”

The little girl looked at him and said.

“You are not my daddy, I want my daddy here.”

 Todd distressed said.

“I know! I know!, but you know what, it is my honor to replace him for a few moments. Angel, you are so beautiful!  Let me care of you until he arrives.”

Then, she smiled sweetly and said.

“Okay, but promise me that you will bring him. Will you?.”

The Therapist looked at the girl’s mother and replied.

“I promise you! I will , when you wake up, your daddy will be beside you.”

Todd approached the mother and said.

“By the way, what is your name?.”

She replied.

“Victoria, Victoria Garden.”

Todd introduce for himself.

“Mine is Todd Leone, and I am psychologist, family therapist specializes in domestic violence. For now I do not work as such, my license was suspended for a time, but the issue is irrelevant.”

He gave to her an old business card and said.

“Here is my personal information, address, phone, and back of the card I wrote the address of the coffee shop where I grab my routine coffee and chocolate cake. The owner is an old friend, is for me like my father. The old Pasquale.”

And Todd added.

“I will look for her father. You need to tell me something about your husband.”

Victoria explained to him.

“He just does not answer my calls, our relationship is very broken. He does not want to see me.”

For a moment Todd looked angry and said.

“That does not matter!! what matters is the little girl, he should be here!. Do you know where he is residing now?”

Victoria, looked down and responding.

“Yes, I know. He is staying with a friend not far from here. Let me write down the address and his cell phone number.”

 Trembling she wrote the information and gave it to Todd.

It was time for surgery, The Therapist accompanied the girl to the threshold of operations, and while The Professionals made all the preparations to induce sleep her. Todd took her little hand and said.

“Ally, everything will be fine, I am watching a beautiful Angel by your side, without doubts will protect you all this time.”

Ally squeezed Todd’s hand and said.

“Todd, in this short time I’ve known you, I realized that I love you.”

The Therapist tried to hide his tears and say.

“Me too.”

Once the little girl entered the surgery room, Todd was prepared to go in search of the Ally’s father.

“I cannot waste time.” Todd said.

Victoria took his right arm and looking into his eyes said.

“Be careful !.”

 Todd left the hospital and took the freeway I-90 and left at 17 junction addressing 2245SW Clark. When he arrived to the apartment E-231,  before knocking on the door, called the cell phone of Petro Garden, but not one answered, after that knocked  and then a big man opened the door and said rudely.

“How I can help you, man?.”

The Therapist replied with extreme confidence in himself.

“I am looking for Petro Garden and I know very well is temporarily residing here.”

The tattooed bald man, evilly smiled and said.

“No, he is not here, I do not see him much.”

Then attempted to close the door, Todd locked it with his right foot and pushed the door and then the man tried to punch him with a demolition force, but Todd acted fast, hit him from above twice with devastating blows, the giant fell on the floor, then Todd put his foot on the man’s throat beaten and said.

“You need to improve your memory. Maybe, I can help you with that! Tell me! Where is him?.”

The giant that a few moments ago seemed to be invincible, now looked sadly hurt said.

“No! no! no, more!, he is in the room on the right. Do not hit me, again, is not my problem.”

The Therapist felt some guilt.

“I so sorry, I had to. I had not other choice, the Petro’s daughter is in serious trouble, at the moment is under a dangerous surgery.”

The bald man said.

“I did not know about that, go for him!. I so sorry, too.”

Todd entered the room, Petro slept deeply under the influence of alcohol, picked him up and took to the bathroom and put him under a shower of cold water.

“Wake up! Petro your daughter is under a dangerous surgery. Wake up man!!.”

Petro just babbling.

“I cannot go, I cannot go. I do not want to see my wife….”

Todd picked him up again and sat on the toilet  and slapped him very hard on both cheeks.

“Come on, moron! I expect you to meet with your daughter at her side when she wake up.”

Petro remained motionless staring at nothing and a feeling of sorrow invaded him. Regret invaded his broken heart and burst into tears.

“I will go! Oh! God forgive me!

With pity looked at The Therapist and added.

Oh! God! I am a really bad father. What I am doing?.”

The Therapist put his hand on the Petro’s shoulder.

“Now, you are doing the right thing. Hurry up! we do not have time to waste.”

While the other man addressed them bringing a cup black coffee.

“Petro!! You are an idiot! Drink this coffee!. You never told me about your daughter, otherwise you would not have been shelter. Drink! this will help clear your head and do me a favor, go and meet with your responsibilities. I am a bad guy but I have codes.”

 At that moment, The Therapist realized that this “Bad guy”, could be a recoverable spirit and said.

“I think is your time to quit being a bad guy. Think twice!.”

The rude man replied.

“I will! There something else I can do?.”

“Yes! Pray if you know.” The Therapist said.

“I will. Very simple, I just talk with God as a friend.” The man answered.

Then Todd and Petro went to the car took the I-90 toward the Swedish Hospital, during the trip had a conversation.

“Petro you have an opportunity of a new reconciliation with life, that means you will not leave to your daughter under any excuse, you will be a good father, otherwise you will be in debt to life for the rest of your days in addition to deal with me.”

They arrived at The Hospital reception. Petro was identified as the Ally’s father. Then they entered the room, had just finish the surgery, the surgeon spoke with them.

“Everything went perfect, but due to the state it was operated and as we had to clean inside her. So Must to be under intense care, the hospital stay way was extended for several days. Now, parents both of you can go with her to the room.”

The Doctor paused and turned to Todd Leone, The Therapist.

“Mr. Leone. Mrs. Victoria Garden  has told us everything about you. I am grateful for your cooperation. Thank you to help to save a life.”

The Therapist replied.

“Was my duty, it is as The Universe works.”

Then both parents went to the little girl and woke up and took the hands of her father and mother.

“Daddy! daddy! You are here as Todd promised me.”

Petro hugged his wife and daughter and said.

“Ally, My Little Girl I promise to never leave you! No matter what!.”

Ally looked at them.

“In the surgery room I dreamed that a boy dressed in white, smiled and took my hand all the time. I felt protection, was so real. I am sure it was my Guardian  Angel. I think is the same that Todd saw before my surgery next to me.”

The Doctor told her sweetly.

“Ally, maybe it was a dream caused by the anesthesia.”

Then Petro asked his wife.

“Who is this man who helped us so much?.”

 Victoria responded with a romantic undertone.

 “A simple man who believes in Love and Justice.”

At that moment Todd left the hospital, it was dark and still raining,  put on his head the typical black cap with The American Eagle, looked at the sky and said.

“God, My Lord thank you for being here.”

Returning to the present, Todd continued reading the letter.

“Dear Todd, Ally, Petro and I will always be grateful, the first reason is for saving our daughter’s life and the second is that you helped to unite our family again.”

Todd looked at the pictures of the girl, which childish letter read.

“I love you Todd.”

Very thoughtful,  he served the dinner, his favorite spaghettis and ate in the complete solitude in his apartment… maybe not , just some ghost from his past accompanied him.

The Meeting with Bella and her son Nelson

 Todd woke up at 4.30 am and enjoyed the intense training in the gym. At 7.00 am, was in his new office and reading the expedient, his first case to solve. Bella Benavidez, 35 years old. Abused and mistreated by her husband but without legal reports, because she seemed to be always refuse to report the facts. Her son, Nelson Bonzon, 7 years old, second grade of Elementary School, speaking academically outstanding student, but with some aggressive behaviors toward their classmates, especially against girls. Her partnership and also father of Nelson, Esteban Bonzon, 40 years old, unemployed.

Todd hit the folder against the desk and said.

“how can it be? No more background of this man called Esteban! Geez! his personal information is incomplete!.”

Then he called Ivonne to her extension.

“Good morning, Ivonne, How is doing your day?.”

She replied with her little classical giggle.

“Great! How about yourself?.”

The Therapist answer.

“Doing good, studying the file of my first patient, Mrs. Bella Benavidez, but I am very intrigued, no more information about her partnership, Mr. Esteban Bonzon, who is responsible for this family drama.”

Ivonne answered.

“yes, you are right!.”

The Therapist continued.

“I need the profile of his personality, if he has mental disorders and some toxic addictions and also I need to define the characteristics of the victim, why she still with him?.  I have only incomplete information.”

Ivonne explained slowly and analytically.

“Todd, I expected you to realize about it, it shows you’re a good professional. Between you and I, I know very well what is happening in that family, but I do not have a real proof, it is only based on my instincts woman. Bella often appears with some kind punch in her face or some parts of her body, and is always the result of an ‘accident’. Do you believe it?.”

The Therapist closed his right fist and replied.

“No, I do not believe it!.”

Ivonne continued.

“Anyways Bella and her son Nelson, have an appointment with you today at 10.30 am, if you are skilled you can get more information about the case, and I think you are smart to get it.”

“I will see what I can do.” The Therapist replied.

Then Todd looked at Esteban’s picture, whispered and said.

“Bad guy, I will catch you!.”

At 10.25 am, knocked on the door of Todd’s office and he opened it. That was a magical moment, time stopped for a moment, the natural beauty of Bella had hit the eyes and spirit of The Therapist, both of them stared into each other eyes without word, it seemed that the feeling was mutual. Something about The Therapist had touched her heart, too. It was her who broke the silence.

“Good morning! I am Bella Benavidez and he is my son Nelson. You must be my new therapist?.”

Todd composed his throat and said.

“Yes, I am. My name is Todd Leone, is a pleasure to meet both of you. Come in.”

.Accommodate the chairs facing his desk and invited them to sit down. Then he sat, looked up and smiled.

“Well, well, you are the little Nelson. How you doing in the school?.”

The boy shyly answered.

“Fine, Sir.”

The Therapist said.

“Call me Todd.”

Bella intervened.

“Mr. Leone, precisely about the boy I wanted to talk today.”

He insisted.

“Bella, call me Todd, please!. You will find a friend in me.

Todd watched her slyly and continued.

“Sure, we will talk about your son, but first of all I would like to ask you something, what happened to you on your right cheek?, looks like a nasty blow.”

Bella blushed and looked down.

“It was just an accident, lowering a ladder at work I fell and hit my face. It was a busy day.”

Todd unconvinced by the response asked again.

“Did you report the accident at work?.”

Bella embossed knowing that hid a lie responded.

“No, I did not.”

Todd attempt to discover Bella with one more question.

“You should always report accidents. Where do you work?.”

She tried to avoid the conversation changing the subject.

“I am a maid in a hotel, but today I’m not here to talk about me, I’m here to talk about my son.”

Then The Therapist looked into her eyes with a gesture of authority and said.

“Now, both of you are my responsibility, I will care about you and the child. Is clear for you?. Today I will see what is happening with Nelson, but Tomorrow you will come back to my office and I want to see what is wrong in your home.”

Bella really nervous replied.

“Tomorrow at work is a difficult day for me and after that I have to get home and prepared the dinner…it’s…”

The Therapist interrupted.

“I already see there is someone who cannot wait for the dinner!. Well… anyways I will be here until 6.00 pm, if you choose to come, will be very good to talk in private, if you come with Nelson, there is a playroom for kids and one of our representatives will be happy to take watch him while you and I speak.”

She did not respond at all. Todd asked.

“So, tell me something is wrong about Nelson?.”

She is sadly replied.

“It happens that I have had two reports from the school,  unfortunately Nelson attacked two girls, the first time was a slight blow to the face without major consequences, but the fact is not right to do so, the second, his teacher caught him in time when he went to hit another girl.”

The Therapist said analytically.

“The question is why always girls. Bella be honest with me, the child is seeing something that is not correct at home, maybe a wrong role model?.”

She totally tense.

“No, no nothing wrong has seen.”

Todd for a moment was silent which expressed disbelief at the response by Bella, then called Nelson at the center of his office where there was a blue carpet, knelt in front of the boy, both were the same height took his shoulders and said.

“Nelson, look at my eyes, I will show you something that my father taught me, he was and is my role model, it is a powerful teaching and today I want to share with you. Do you want to learn about this?.”

The boy answered with some confidence.

“Yes Todd, I want to learn about this.”

The Therapist continued talking didactically and the same time with parental love.

” Boys, we were created to care  and protect girls, our strength and skills should be use to defend them of anyone who wants to harm them, if you fulfill this mission that makes you a real man, that makes you a hero and otherwise if you become an abuser that makes you a villain. So, which one would you be? The hero boy or The villain of the movie?.”

The child smiled and said.

“Todd, I wan to be The Hero Boy of the movie!.”

The Todd’s word expressed an authority with knowledge and love.

“Remember, forever!.”

Nelson grasped the feeling perfectly.

“Sure, Todd! Forever!.”

Bella approached Todd, there was something about him it attracted her,but she didn’t let it show. She asked

“Do you think that’s enough.”

Todd replied.

“Yes, I hope so. You can call it Role Model. I can see Nelson lacks of it.”

Bella hurried to leave, taking the child by the hand and walked to the door, Todd followed  behind them,  suddenly she turned and with tears in her eyes said.

“Tomorrow I will not come back here. Do you know what fear means?…fear!  I am scare and nothing  and no one  can do anything about it, fear! my life is scary!!.”

Then, Todd tried to calm her.

“Fear is fear, I know what do you mean, but now do not be afraid, nothing and no one will harm you again.”

She added.

“I will no return here anymore!!.”

She opened the door, The Therapist thought to hold her and let know  that he will protect her . A strange and powerful feeling had invaded him since saw Bella, but he didn’t embrace her, he froze because thought that doing so was unethical and not professional mix such feelings with work. He was torn.

Putting the abuser in the place of the victim

Then Todd looked at woman and the child walked away. Back at his desk, took Esteban’s picture and said out loud.

“You are in trouble and this time you will make fun of no-one, that which is not gained by reason, by force wins, you bastard!!.”

Came the evening, The Therapist took his car and headed to Bella Benavidez’s place, parked at the front the apartment. He put the Esteban’s picture on the wheel and said.

“Hungry rat!, it is almost dinner time, soon you will get your ration and I assure you will have enough.”

A few minutes later a man of the same characteristics of Esteban descend from a black colored truck with tinted windows, with very loud music, bid farewell to his teammates, the vehicle drove off and the individual walked into Bella’s home.

Again, Todd spoke out loud.

“There you are, one must wait few minutes to claim your food, just a few minutes…”

Todd quietly descend from the old blue Nissan and walked towards the Bella’s apartment and stopped halt at the door, he could clearly hear the insults of Esteban and also the cries of Bella and Nelson. He knocked at door, again and again, until he heard the man said.

“You woman! go and see who is the bastard is knocking the damn door and I want my food once for all!!.”

Bella opened the door quietly and looked out, was totally shocked when she saw Todd. She looked very beaten, then with frightened voice said.

“You must go! my husband is really angry much if he sees you here! For your own shake and my own! get out of here! please!.”

Then was the Esteban approached the door and in a threatening tone asked.

“Who the hell are you?.”

Bella tried to calm him.

“Esteban calm down, it’s just The Therapist, he helped our child and…”

Esteban was furious shouted.

“You are ridiculous! How do you dare to come to my house?.”

Then Esteban took by the arm and pushed her inside and punched her on the face, Nelson ran to defend his Mother and took the other arm of his father and desperate cried.

“You do not hit mom, not anymore!.”

But Esteban pushed Nelson aggressively and violently, the boy fell and hit his head against the wall, then was at that moment The Therapist took action. He puts the woman behind him, protecting her from the rage man. Seeing The Therapist defending Bella made him angrier, and throw punches uncontrolled toward Todd, who locked the last and hit a forehand in the area of the temple of Esteban, who fell sharply down. The Therapist without losing time, held Esteban’s face to the ground, with his right knee held his back and with an accuracy grabbed from his pocket police handcuffs and put them on Esteban’s wrist.

The Therapist very concerned asked the child.

“Nelson, are you okay”

The boy touching his head replied.

“Yes, I am fine.”

Bella ran toward Todd and hugged him.

“What you will do now?.”

Very sure of their actions and immutable.

“Stay calm! I will do everything necessary to bring the child and yourself out this situation. Now, take this keys and go to my apartment.”

Looking into her eyes gave her a car and continued.

“Here is the address, before to go take clothes for you and your son and do not worry for the rest, there you have everything that you need to live. When this over I will go to see both of you.”

Esteban seeing such scenario, got up stunned.

“Bitch!! You are not going anywhere!!.”

The Therapist as a fearsome shadow, grabbed Esteban by the neck with his right hand squeezing so strong that the offender felt to knees.

“Men were created to care and protect women, then we will have a talk about this.”

Esteban, screamed like a wounded hyena and said.

“Who he hell do you think you are?.”

Todd looked him into his eyes and expressed without mercy.

“As your wife told you, I am The Therapist, watch, learn and never forget it!.”

Bella was ready with her luggage and the child , she hugged Todd.

“I am scare!.”

Todd comforting Bella said.

“Nothing to fear, the only thing to fear is this well weighted gentleman, who will have much to explain to justice.”

Again, she hugged Todd and whispered in his ear.

“In the bathroom, in the right drawer, under a green towel there is a gun.”

The Therapist stroked Bellas’s head with compassion and caring.

“Thank you very much! I will take care of it.”

Also Nelson ran to hug Todd.

“I really wish you were my daddy!!.”

Todd knelt down and looked at child with paternal tenderness and said.

“I’m proud of you, how you defended your mother. You are Super Boy, my New Hero.”

Then, Bella before leaving looked at Todd with a Love that could not longer be hide, then they marched.

The Therapist took Esteban, take one of the handcuffs and pushed to one of the bars of the window and handcuffs again around it. Esteban spit on the Todd’s face, then The Therapist reacted instinctively and punched him on the right eye, so that Esteban hit his head against the iron fence and said.

“This is from the blow that you gave your son.”

The he puts a pair of plastic gloves, those used for medical attention and ran and he returned with an automatic 9mm pistol.

“Well, well! You have a really nice toy!.”

Todd checked the weapon, it was charged and said.

“Bad guy!  You had it  ready to use . Hum! Not good idea!.”

The Therapist removed the handcuffs from Esteban and said.

“Now, make a black coffee for me, only few drops vanilla flavor.”

Esteban replied irritably.

“I’m not your servant!! You do it!”

The Therapist came and hit him in the stomach, Esteban fell to his knees, took him from under the right arm and pushed him toward the kitchen counter, looked into his eyes and hit him on the face.

“You do it!! Do it!!.”

Esteban trembling made the coffee, added vanilla extract and spit into the cup and said.

“here is your damn coffee!!.”

Todd smiled mischievously and said.

“Okay!. Leave it on the table, a single drop will not spill. Let me tell you that you have a problem with that spitting. I must to teach you some good manners.”

And gave him an incredible punch in the jaw, Esteban again on the ground, quickly got up, crawling to the table sat on the chair. At that moment Todd had become a terrible beast and said.

“Drink the coffee!! Drink it!.”

Esteban aching from the blows drank coffee, resigned to his fate. After that crying and laughing at the same time said.

“Oh! Man!! You have a problem with anger management! I think you need some therapy to help you with that!.”

The Therapist, sigh, a feeling of compassion came over him, and cry.

“Oh! Damn it!! What am I doing?. retaliating violence with more violence! No! is not the right thing to do!.”

He looked at Esteban and added.

“I will not hurt you anymore, but I must make sure that you will never bother Bella and her Son. You must to pay for your sins!.”

Esteban began to sob saying.

“Do not kill me!! Please!! Do not kill me!!.”

The Therapist approached him with small machine recorder in his hand and said.

“Esteban, I put this recorder to operate and you must to confess, you must to answer every question that I will ask you with all the necessary details.”

Esteban crying said.

“whatever you ask, but do not hurt me anymore! Do not kill me! Please!.”

The Therapist took him with both hands by shoulders and pushed him against the wall.

“Damn Coward!! Tell me! How it feels to be on the other side? Afraid to die? Fear of being hurt?. That’s the same fear felt Bella protecting her son…now!  how do you feel rat?. Perhaps uncertainty? because even you do not know if I will finish you with your own weapon!!.”

Esteban opened his mouth with extreme difficulty due to all the beatings.

Then The Therapist, turn on with extreme calm the recorder and asked the first question.

“Esteban Bonzon, have you committed acts of violence against your family, precisely to your wife or partnership Bella?.”

To this Esteban answered.

“Yes, I did.”

The Therapist remarked the question.

“You be specific, in what situation, how and where? Did you hurt your son Nelson? How many times did your hurt Bella?.”

The cowardly felon bent down and answered through clenched teeth.

“I loos the count how many times I hit the bitch!!.”

The Therapist ordered.

“Speak clearly and loudly!!.”

Nervously Esteban answered.

“I said I lost the count how many times I hit her and sometimes I punished very hard Nelson, too.”

The Therapist interrupted.

“You punished? You mean that you hit him, too, right?.”

Then Esteban continued.

“Yes, I did. And usually I hit Bella when I get home and I demanded her to cook my food, most the time I hit her in the face.”

At that moment The Therapist made a key intelligent question that would show strong evidence for authorities.

“Why do you think she never reported these issues to authorities?.”

Esteban knew that was facing his end, but answered anyways.

“I think it was because I constantly threatened her that I would remove her son if she opened the mouth to report it to the police.”

The Therapist erupted in anger and said.

“Damn bastard!!.”

The Therapist continued asking and each question has the highest intention to sink Esteban more.

“Do you have in your possession weapons and illegal drugs?.”

Esteban sighed and asked.

“I have to answer that?.”

“It’s your choice!!.”

The Therapist replied as he showed the gun in his waist, which did not seem an election, it was an invitation to certain death, maybe an apparent but forced suicide with his own gun the same one which had been hidden in the bathroom.

Esteban felt the threat and his sixth sense told him that Todd would not hesitate to do it, then replied.

“Yes, I have them distributed in different places.”

And The Therapist emphasized.

“You agree to give all this information with all details to the police.”

Esteban responded exhausted.

“I will! I will!. I need to drink water, please!.”

The Therapist turns off the recorder and  handed him a glass od water. Esteban desperately drank the water and starts laughing hysterically.

“Thanks to you, I will go to jail for a long time, but at some point I will go out the hole. I ask to myself, if you stop hitting me for  fear to your God, or you know when least expect it, I will kill you!.”

The Therapist smiled and looked into his eyes.

“You are a trash!! I stopped hitting you, because I fear my God, and I wan to do the right thing, but I think it’s too late for me, as to when you leave the hole you will kill me, won’t be necessary, I will be waiting for you. Do not try anything! Do not give an excuse to kill you!.”

He paused.

“…. Or give me just one. You will make my day!.”

Then he took Esteban by the neck and brought to Todd’s face.

“God knows that I’m doing the right thing keeping you away from your home, because you have shown that can hurt your family.”

At that moment he got up from his chair, made sure that Esteban was properly handcuffed, he tied his feet to the chair, and also he put a piece of tape on the lips of the miserable guy.

Todd placed the recorder on the kitchen’s counter and said..

“Your time has come! Time to pay!.”

Then took the phone from the house itself, called the police and told them.

“Urgently! come to the address that appear on the caller ID of your system. When you arrive here you will find a very interesting package and some dark confessions. Esteban Bonzon is tied and his confession is on the kitchen counter. Is all yours!! The rest is up to you!.”

The Dispatcher asked.

“Who is speaking?.”

Silence on the line, a slow, deep bass voice, replied.

“The Therapist.”

The police arrived in less than 10 minutes and found everything as Todd Leone had said. Esteban was arrested following the official procedure. A member of the police team said.

“You are under arrest, you have right to remain silent and request an attorney.”

Meanwhile The Therapist went home, when he arrived and entered his apartment, he saw Bella and her child sleeping soundly in his bed, at that moment, with a pure and paternal love, covered both of them with a blanket, and went to living room and slept on the couch. The next day, he woke up them with breakfast in bed.

“It’s over, you can enjoy your breakfast, both of you are out of danger.”

Bella asked very anxious.

“What happened? What will happen with us?.”

The Therapist, thoroughly explained what would happen in the future.

“Obviously, Esteban will have a fair trial. The authorities will call you to testify in court. Just you do the right thing without fear and no doubts that Esteban will be sentenced to many years in prison. And the good news for you is that in our organization we have a program of protection and relocation for cases like these, both of you will be incorporated into this blessed program. Meantime until this happens you and your son can live here.”

Very happy and excited, Bella believing the world was in their hands.

“Thank you!! Thank you!! I will prepare your food, your clothes, everything you need. Oh! Todd you are a great man!! .I will do whatever is necessary to make feel good!.”

Todd said tenderly.

“Thank you! Bella, but will not be necessary, I will move to the house of my friend Pasquale until this happens. You and your son have my respect, my love and protection. Now, I must to go, I have a lot to do to close this case.”

Then, very gently he kissed her hand and hugged nelson. Then he left the apartment.

After the report that Todd gave the authorities of the organization which were supported by police reports, began the procedures for the relocation of Bella and her son Nelson, which would taken place after the trial of Esteban Bonzon.

The Trial

Meanwhile, Todd was working on other cases of domestic violence, finally came the day of judgment, which Bella was one the main witnesses in the case against Esteban. Before joining the court The Therapist told her.

“Not fear! Everything will be okay!. You raise your head high and tell the jury all the abuse and threats that you received by Esteban. Your relocation this advanced and very soon we will have news.”

Bella income to court with integrity and when she called to testify, looked at Esteban without looking down, which intimidated him. During the process she answered and declared with luxury details all the mistreatment received by Esteban Bonzon.

After this were called other witnesses to corroborate that Esteban was linked to many illegal activities beside The Judge had in his possession all the reliable documentation of the case.

Hours later, with the futile struggle Esteban’s attorney, the trial come to end. The jury convicted him in first order for domestic Violence and joined other unlawful acts, for which was given a sentence of fifteen years in prison without benefit of bail. This was the end of the nightmare of Bella.

The good news

After two weeks, a Monday in Todd’s office the phone rang.

“Good morning, Ivonne! How you have been?.”

“I am great!! God is good!. I have great news!! we got the relocation of Bella and her son Nelson.”

Todd exclaimed, not allowing Ivonne finish.

“Wow!! Excellent!! Tell me the details!.”

Ivonne courteously invited Todd to her office.

“Come to my office, we share a coffee and talk about it.”

Todd replied excitedly.

“I’m on my way!.”

Once in the Ivonne’s office, both drinking coffee accompanied by donuts comment the details.

“We achieved the relocation for Bella and her son Nelson in Spokane. A good job as manager maid in a first class hotel is waiting for her and both of them will live in a very comfortable apartment in a beautiful and quit neighborhood, part of the rent is paid by the State, as a case of relocation requested by our organization. ”

She took a bite of the donut and continued talking.

“The school for Nelson is in the same area  and an important church that is one of the sponsor of our program has donated a car in very good condition, so they will can move from one place to another.”

Todd expressed with joy.

“Wonderful!!! Wonderful!! We did it!!.”

Ivonne recognizing the work of Todd said.

“I could not have done had it not been for you. You are incredible!. By the way, tell me how did you do that scoundrel confess all their misdeeds?.”

Todd smiled and winked at Ivonne.

“Professional Secrecy.”

She gave a Feminine Laugh.

“I imagined! Any other unusual method, right?..”

Todd said “Good bye” and headed to the door to leave from her office the Ivonne said.

“We want it to be you who gives the news to Bella. In two days they must be in Spokane, also we already have two plane tickets for them.”

The Therapist responded.

“It is understood!.”

Minutes later, The Therapist called Bella.

“Hi Bella, How are you?.”

She was not ready for this new.

“Oh!! Todd! What a surprise!!.”

Todd indifferent to the excitement of Bella, only just said.

“You must be prepare , in two days should be in Spokane, there will be the relocation , a good job is waiting for you as maid’s manager of  a very important hotel, you will have a good salary.  You and your son will live in a comfortable apartment, which The State pays 75% of the rent and also you will have a car in good condition so you will can move where you need to go. And the school for Nelson is in the same area.”

Bella’s silence was more than eloquent.

“How to say thanks for all you have done for us.”

Todd said.

“I just did my job.”

Then Bella asked in tone of deep sadness.

“I will see you again?.”

Todd replied.

“Day after tomorrow I will take you to airport, prepares everything and come for your plane tickets to our offices.”

The farewell

And that day of farewell, Todd accompanied Bella and Nelson to SeaTac’s airport from where  depart the plane, he lowered of the car and said.

“I will not go to the building, here says “Good Bye” to me.”

The scene of that day was a perfect romantic movie, the sky was gray, torrential rain, many people went around them lost in their own worlds, with different lives, believing only in their own stock, on the reasons for their happiness or frustrations.

Todd, Bella and Nelson were living the own of them, a farewell that meant more than physical distance, meant a transitional suffering in the soul, that which cannot understand the heart trough of the reason, because the heart understands only feelings.

In this case Bella could not understand the pain caused by this platonic love would never go to happen.

Both under the same umbrella, she approached him with a female sensuality that could break the world’s toughest man, intertwining her arms to his neck, while bringing her lips to Todd, in an eternal prior sigh, kissed him gently, closed her eyes and imagined the world could be with him. Then Todd embraced with his right arm  and squeezed hard the fragile Bella’s waist , she opened her eyes, looked at him and said.

“Good bye My Hero!. I love you! You has been and will be the best I have met in my life. I will love you forever!.”

Todd looked at her with love and strange feeling of resignation and said.

“Is better that it remains this way, an image and romantic memory that never fade, life becomes a routine agony.”

Then he knelt at the height of Nelson, hugged him with careful and deep love that had united as Father and Son in spiritual bond that has not explanation, this would rooted in both souls beyond life.

“Nelson, you never forget that we are protectors, that’s our job, I love you my little hero.”

The boy cried and said.

“Todd, I love you too! I will miss very much and always you be my role model.”

Then, Todd saw them away, it was like scene in slow motion, both of them gradually disappear in the middle of the crowd.

Todd certainly felt pain in his heart and his eyes were of the same color of that day, the gray color that outshone the brightness of his soul.

He left the airport, came to his apartment, leaned back on his bed and embraced the pillow that still smelled of Bella’s scent and thought about her.

A Superman doll had been forgotten on one side of the bed, then he took it and put it on the night table.

Todd fell asleep, feeling he was not alone, new ghost had invaded his apartment, probably they would live there forever.

The message of The Therapist

A month after the departure of Bella and her son Nelson, early in the morning Todd was in his office drinking coffee, the same routine of every day. Ivonne income with an envelope in her hand.

“Good morning! Oh! Todd you look like you have not slept well! How you have been?.”

Todd answered

“No too bad, working hard on different cases.”

She sighed and said with concern.

“I know that! Is your obsession!. Be careful with that. You need to rest if you not follow my advice, I will not have choice and I will give you couples of day of vacation.”

He looked at her with the affection that looks at spiritual sister.

“Do not worry!! I will be fine.”

Then she showing and handing the envelope while saying to him.

“It is an invitation to give a message to a large group of people, professionals like you, but the main guests are mostly women and children, who have suffered and suffer domestic violence. As I told you, there will be other therapist will speech before you. Are you ready to give your message?.”

Todd absorbed in his work.

“I will prepare something for that day.”

Finally, came the day of the meeting, conference room, Hilton Hotel in Issaquah. Attended numerous professionals, but there was a sector of the public that was very special. You could see in their true faces suffering caused by the multiple monster that unleashes aggressiveness different ways, that monster known as “Domestic Violence”.

The Todd’s speech was the last, the presenter announced to trough the microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, now we will hear a brief message from a professional who has worked on many cases of Domestic Violence, with you The Therapist Mr. Todd Leone.”

There was not much applause from his colleagues from other organizations even one of them said.

“I hope he does not speak about his unusual methods.”

Ivonne was there and applauded passionately as always giving her full support to Todd.”

Todd walked to the stage, a woman murmured.

“He does not look like a Therapist, he is look like a bodyguard.”

Ivonne who was close to the blonde and sensual woman heard the comment and with her nervous and classical smile said.

“Maybe, maybe he is a bodyguard.”

Meanwhile at that moment at a school in Spokane, something happened unused during recess one ran child behind a girl with the intention of assaulting her. The little girl about six years old was trapped against the wall, the boy verbally offended her, the she began to mourn and when he was to hit her, all of a sudden appeared another child and took the offender’s arm, pushed him against the wall and did not allow him to move.

“Do not do that!! I do not want to see you hurting her! Understood?!.”

The little attacker tried to unhook but could not, although both were of the same size. The Protector Boy seemed be very strong and with a high confidence in himself and continued saying.

“You do not know, that boys were created to defend the girls?. Something is wrong with you!!.”

Once released the little bully, he felt sorry and said.

“I will not do it again. I so sorry!. Who are you?.”

The Little Hero grinned and replied.

“My name is Nelson, The Therapist.”

The another boy opening his eyes.


Then Nelson taking the girl by the hand.

“Come with me, we should report this to your teacher, is the right to do in this case. Anyways, do not worry! This will not happen again.”

The girl sobbed and said.

“Thank you! You always be here to protect me?

Nelson very proud about of himself.

“I always be here to protect you! I am a Protector!!.”

Todd Leone once on the stand. Silence, only few scattered gasp were heard in the conference room. Then he raised the head and looked at the audience from the front.

“Good afternoon! I hope you have enjoyed your lunch. Today, I specially address those who have been and are victims of domestic violence.”

He sighed and continued.

“For really long time, I’ve wondered to myself, why the abusers continue in this battle for Evil and the only answer I have found is that who believe in  the Good, we must combat Domestic Violence, bringing the victims of this field of suffering.”

He paused.

“We have to help the victim with Love and Rehabilitation to introduce them to a Better Life. Domestic Violence is a monster, I used unusual methods to combat it, I was wrong. First of all, we  must rely on ‘The System’, but we need cooperation of the abused, those who are victims of this ruthless monster.”

He drank water and continued talking.

“Trust in The System, if you are being abused, suffering  any kind of domestic violence, you should talk to the authorities and relevant organizations about what is happening to you.”

“Not fear! Do not hide the identity of the perpetrators, you will be in good hands and will be protected, if you do not speak out, if you do not say what is happening in your homes, perhaps in your jobs, perhaps in the school of your children, nothing we can do.”

“No one has the right to hurt and offend anyone!. Should trust in the system , this America, one nation under God’s truth, we believe in rights of human being and every one of you must to be respected in its entirely, physical, mental an spiritual.”

“And I have concluded we are responsible for this world. We must get involved in the Love of our neighbor. Love is the mother of justice, hope and courage.”

“Men! This just for you!  forget that I am a Therapist. Man to Man!! We are protectors!! We have to protect children, they are the Future of our world, the Future of our Nation. We have to protect women, they are The Source of the Life. We all come from a Woman!. If you  do this, means that you are a real ‘Macho’.”

“This is all. I really appreciate your presence here on this day, any concerns I will be at your disposal.”

Then he put both hands on his chest and bowed.

The audience stood and applauded loudly excited.

Todd said.

“Thank you very much!! But The Battle is not over.”

Todd retired from the crowd, alone and alert, as when a Lone Wolf crosses the Forest. Then a man with contemptuous, defiant and aggressive attitude said.

“Who the hell that guy think he is?.”

A confident female voice intercepted the comment.

“Be Careful!! Is Todd Leone, The Therapist.”































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Dear Reader, soon on this website you will have the opportunity to read a new story by Rocky Romano. A story full of Action, Courage, Faith, romanticism and Love of Life. “The Therapist”20151011_215858

“The Great Silent Hero” by Rocky Romano

0915152325-00August, 1955. An oil field, in a faraway place.

Was a quiet night. Only the boilers could be heard in that dangerous work area. The view from the oil field was, it was both mesmerizing and mysterious, that place was in front of the Atlantic Ocean. Precisely where the boilers were, you could see a man moving hastily, watching countless manometers, and doing various maneuvers in the engine room. This man’s job was to keep the correct rate of the working machines, also to keep the boilers at their correct temperature. That tireless working man had a name, Julian.

He was a very diligent and dedicated to his duties, he knew his job, and was a man of high morals. Julian took a short break to drink fresh water, and thought of the terrible tragedy that happened in this same place years ago. He walked the work area and imagined how those men had died. Julian recalled that many say they still could see the handprints on the walls of those who burned while trying to escape the fire caused by the catastrophic explosion. They crawled and laid on hot concrete walls and when they tried to take off their handprints marks stayed there. Julian watched and found nothing but only a few vestiges that the new renovations could not hide. Sighed and thought aloud, “Lord, can not happen again”. He return to the engine room, the heat was infernal and the deafening noise as maneuvered some of those machines whispered to himself, “It’s August, September next month I’ll my beloved Mary Anne”. smiled and continued, ” I ran my single life, will come great responsibilities”. The sweat ran down his forehead, had his throat dry and every hour meant an eternity.

Then heard the creaking boiler as frightening and alerted and high temperatures, the nightmare had begun that night he would never forget. The two main boilers were almost out of control, then he wondered what was happening in there? was it a gas leak? or maybe not enough water coming to the boiler?, then ran to the center of the engine room, the steam was intense and all had overheated, carefully examined the path of the pipes and soon realize that one of the water pipe was obstructed a did not allow the passage of water, again looked at the gauges, the temperature had reached too high a degree and all would fly into pieces. Julian thought about the rest of the people that were working in the oil plant, an explosion that would kill all of them, also thought about his girlfriend Mary Anna, no thought of the pain in his body, even he did not think about trying to escape from that situation, just thought he should reach the safety valves and open them to release the steam, he knew this would burn his hands, the valves were more than hot and he cry of pain by the effort needed to open them, the scalding steam came out with explosive force and Julian fell to the ground and covered his face, which was burning from hot splashes of steam, felt very dizzy but could not pass out, stood up and continued to open other valves, the engine room had become a hell of steam hot were he could not see even a centimeter away. At that time the gauges indicated that the pressure had fallen, giving the assurance that the oil plant and all the workers.

Julian sighed in relief, but could not breathe, his hands were blistered and before fainting just said, “Thank you, my Lord” and fell on the ground. Soon come co-workers  and medical emergencies to help him, he was taken to hospital of the Company. During the trip to the hospital one of the paramedics told Julian, “You’re a hero, you saved hundreds of lives and extensive material damage”. “No, I’m not, I was just doing my job that stand me out.”

After his recovery the Company organized a celebration in his honor at the dinner, the president of the Company gave a laudatory speech by raising the heroic act of Julian, and then in the presence of authorities and workers handed him a valuable gold medal where it appeared the figure of a man fighting against the fire and inscription, “IN HONOR OF MERIT” and the Mayor of the city handed over the “Keys to City” and was invited to speak to all those present. Then Julian was already on stage receiving these honors, went in front of the microphone, accommodating his tie and composed his throat before speaking, “Mr. President of the Company, directors, Mayor, colleagues, thank you for this beautiful gesture, you are very considerate with me, I will carry in my heart forever this image, thanks! I just wanted tell all of you , that I did not look for some kind of recognition, how to explain that it was my duty to do so even if I had to give my life for this…” tears welled up in his eyes, “I could not have lived in peace the rest of my days if I had tried to escape from that situation to save my life, it had been a selfish and cowardly act. I did the right thing nothing more that, totally simple. Life reward me with my peace of spirit.”

Many years after that heroic event in the life of Julian and his home was full of happiness. They had come to life from this marriage two children, a boy and a girl. One evening the boy came to his father’s study, with only eight years old exciting natural curiosity invaded, then started opening some cases, especially those that were beyond his reach, that they were at the bottom of that forgotten closet, opened two boxes and found some very old photos of when his father was a child, his grandparent’s letters  and other things that were not interesting to him, but he saw a third attractive wooden box, then his heart throb and also wondered what was inside and if he would have it, his arm was short to reach it, then he saw an old umbrella which he used to drag the box toward him and when his hands had unleashed a tape wrapped around the box and opened it carefully, to his surprise inside it neatly accommodated some things and take them out one by one, the first was a parchment and spread it, on the same saw the name of his father which mentioned as a hero who had avoided a catastrophe and saving human lives and he said, “I cannot believe this is referring to my father?” he continued and pulled several reading material only letters first, then also acknowledgments and awards aimed at his father. Finally saw two boxes of velvet, a blue and square a red and rectangular, he opened the first there was a fairly heavy medal, looked at every detail, there was a figure of man fighting against the fire and inscription.” In Honor of Merit”, his breathing was stirred then opened another box and saw a golden key, symbolizing the key of the city. He stopped and ran in search of his mother, “Mama, mama!!! Mary Anne was anxious to see her son in such a state of excitement, “What  is going on son? Are you okay?” “Yeah, you never said that Daddy is a very important man, is a hero! check this out!! look at this!!” “Yes son, I know your father is an important man for us even without that.”  “But, you did not tell me, why? Why these medal, diploma and photos are not hanging on the wall where everyone see how important my Father is?” “I wondered that myself many times, I think it’s time to have a talk with your Dad, it is time to have a conversation from father to son.

At night when Julian entered the sleeping child’s room, “Son, how are you? How was your day?” “Daddy, why you never told me, so I could tell my friends, that you are a hero, why didn’t you tell me?…tell me, why?” Julian, took the boy in his arms and put him on his knees, “My son! Thanks for recognizing this, I must tell you that there are duties in life that we must fulfill as a matter of brotherly  love and honor life itself, not for fame, recognition and applause, of course that’s very nice…but believe me when you do the right thing is an invisible force recognition that accompanies you for the rest of your life.” “Daddy, I do not understand what you talking about”. “My son, some day you’ll understand, it’s all learning, now go to sleep”. “Daddy, but promise me, you will hung the diploma and medals in the living room”. “Yes, I will”.

Days after on the wall of the living room you could see the diploma, medal and photo of getting Julian these honors. All the time he told to his friends, “See? that’s my Father.”

Many years passed and the child became in man and his father was always considered a hero and shared this story with his friend and coworkers , he was always proud of Julian whose incredible humility made him keep silent tremendous act of heroism, for that reason he was known as, ” The Silent Hero”. Very often when walking along the streets of the great city, and saw the crowd come and go, and thought how many anonymous heroes who risk their lives in some heroic act and remain silent, the value of humility and courage, he knew also about that invisible force one who accompanies you for the rest of our lives when we do the right thing.

The Silent heroes are around us, I have no doubt about that, the protagonist of this true story there, is my Father, This event inspired me deeply. That’s why he will be my Role Model forever.-

“My sweet Lord not anymore, please!” by Rocky Romano

0711151848-00This tragic accident happened near my neighborhood. An innocent little Angel lost his life. He was only four years old.

Yesterday, I was there and leave some flowers and this was my prayer.

My Sweet Lord, I’m crying , I’m angry, I do not understand the reason, I do not blame anyone. Lord, He was an Angel of four years old. At this moment I’m thinking of my little daughter and all the children that I know, I’m crying, I’m angry.

Lord! it is not fair!! Not to children. Something is wrong! They not deserve this! Not to children! I do not accept this!.

My Sweet Lord, next time send an Angel protector on time, please!

Lord, not again, not anymore, please…

” The Writer Under Test” by Rocky Romano


0702152111-00This story is not true, is fiction. Any similarity is just coincidence. It is in honor those men and women who give their live for others, in honor of those who fall in the line duty, the duty we owe to life itself. Rocky Romano.

The cold froze the skin, only that morning was not present as particularly rainfall in Washington state, Sonny De Greco stepped onto the balcony of his house while drinking coffee with vanilla, observed the landscape which brought to his mind living memories that filled his soul with warm nostalgia, a feeling he grieved but not allow him to retain the past, everything was left behind.

That was a very special day for Sonny, who had served the local police for twenty years, was his last day of service in the police, decided his retirement after the overwhelming success of his latest book, “The Forgiveness Without Revenge” because…

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” The Writer Under Test” by Rocky Romano

0702152111-00This story is not true, is fiction. Any similarity is just coincidence. It is in honor those men and women who give their live for others, in honor of those who fall in the line duty, the duty we owe to life itself. Rocky Romano.

The cold froze the skin, only that morning was not present as particularly rainfall in Washington state, Sonny De Greco stepped onto the balcony of his house while drinking coffee with vanilla, observed the landscape which brought to his mind living memories that filled his soul with warm nostalgia, a feeling he grieved but not allow him to retain the past, everything was left behind.

That was a very special day for Sonny, who had served the local police for twenty years, was his last day of service in the police, decided his retirement after the overwhelming success of his latest book, “The Forgiveness Without Revenge” because he had led two parallel career in his life, police and writer, people in Bellingham loved him for his passion to serve the community, his passion for writing something that come naturally from his heart, his passion for the hard sports also his passion for his little daughter Alice, the only reason that could make him postpone any commitment he may have, yes so many passions that made him  imperfect  so his wife Lindsay filed for divorce. Inside his house he looked at family photographs, sigh ” Well, nothing is forever”, then puts on his police badge for the last time and went to the police station.

Once there his superior Lieutenant Cooper said, “Sonny, all you have to do today is, just enjoy the place, is your last day…”  “Lieutenant, not matter what, I will do my routine as always I really enjoy it and I will miss much all of this”. Then his partner Andrew patrol asked, “Sonny, how do you feel?” “How to explain?…I feel like an old man bound for a nursing home”. then both laughed , while they were interrupted by a warm and sensual female voice, “Too cute to a nursing home, I could give you a place in my apartment.” Denisse, the dispatcher of the front desk smiled and added, “Sonny, I hope I did not interrupt anything important, but this envelope come for you, it seems urgent given the indicating warning”. Then he took the envelope and smile gallantly and replied, “Thank you, Denisse, by the way I will keep in mind the offer”. Andrew enthusiastically express, “Wow, you are a lucky man, she has refused all invitations of headquarters”. “Come on, Andrew, I’m not, I still miss my wife”. “Sorry, Sonny I did not mean to hurt you”. Sonny opened the envelope curiously and to his surprise read the following, “Sonny De Greco I’m following your footsteps, I will be where you are, all your books talk about faith, hope, forgiveness…you think We all deserve it? Good question, right? I will challenge every word of your writings, you are being tested, you will have news soon…very soon, I’m sure that you will have very exciting retirement, you will be a disgrace to your readers”. Sonny thought it might be a joke but meanwhile his sixth sense told him there was something more behind that message. during the patrol that morning Andrew and Sonny received a radio call from police headquarters, “Suspect in school facilities located in DuPont 1300 attempt to abduct a child, without success has fled”, Sonny talking by the microphone answered, “Roger that, we’re on our way and send other patrols to intercept the streets around the school”. While the other troopers surrounded the entire perimeter of the school unsuccessfully, found no trace or evidence of the suspect, Andrew and Sonny were at the school questioning witnesses, Sonny asked Valerie the principal, “How did it all happen? she with extreme nervousness, because of what had happened, replied, “Everything happened very quickly during the recess of the first-graders, a stranger crossed the gate of the corner of the fence on the west side and approaching the playground attempted to take the child Peter, teachers saw this and rushed to help the kid and then alerted the stranger jumped the fence, he is in very athletic shape”. “Fathers working in the WATCH D.O.G.S program?”. “No, not at this time”. “Hum! that is not correct, should implement the program is very important and helps ensure the safety of children and school and also fathers being a role model helps children to society insert with great values”. “You are right, officer, we’ll start working on it soon”. “What is the reason of the gate in the corner fence on the west side?, all the visitors must enter though the front door and follow procedure for records of visits. Someone could describe the individual physically and details how he was dressed?”

One of the teachers came up to Sonny and said, “My name is Ethan, nice to meet you Officer. Well, I was very close to the suspect, I could see his face when I intercepted him and then he turned to the right and jumped the fence, height more or less than 6.2, very thin, athletic, his face was covered with a tick beard, blue eyes, wearing a black hat. I cannot remember the color of the rest of his clothes, I think his age is around 35-40 years old”. “Wow! good job!! Ethan, you should be working on my team”.

At that moment Officer Sonny’s cell rang and an unknown number appeared on the screen, “Hello, Officer De Greco” a distorted voice by machine said,” I warned you, I’m behind you, exactly fifty minutes ago I attacked a child, you still think I deserve forgiveness?” Sonny replied, “The child is safe, what do you want from me?”, then the voice became s frightening laugh and said, “I want your forgiveness for what I will do, this is just the beginning “. Immediately Sonny called his ex-wife, “Geez!! Lindsay, for God’s shake!! listen to me urgently!” “Sonny what’s going on? Always under stress, what’s is your problem now?” “Lindsay, go to school and picks up Alice and do not leave the house under any circumstance, I am sending a patrol to make a permanent guard in your home”. “Come on! Sonny you and your paranoia!” “Just do it!!” a psychopath is following in my footsteps, I think it can go far. Please! just do it”.

Again from the police station another call to unity of Andrew and Sonny. “Addressing urgent 196 E Kellogg Rd., an old man named Arthur was attacked while walking in that neighborhood, the attacker took the crutches of him and pushed him off from few steps and he fled”. Sonny replied while Andrew was driving fast, “Oh!! God!! It is my neighborhood and Arthur is my neighbor, is he hurt?” “A few scrapes and a blow to the head, the paramedics are there and say he will be fine”. Once on the scene, “Arthur, I’m so sorry! tell me how it happened?” “Well, I was giving my short walk as every day, suddenly a tall man with a beard and black hat stood before me and said while took off my crutches,” tell Sonny that I had mercy on you”, and pushed me roughly. I last remember I fell for these steps, then I lost consciousness and woke up with the help of paramedics”. Sonny’s cell rang, “You are so good, with your retirement, you will have time to watch the news, something big is coming, just pay attention”.

Hours later, after completion of paperwork to hand over the leadership, main event of the day, Sonny finally said goodbye to his beloved workplace, on the road recalling the best moments of his police career, remembered when Lindsay was in his life. It was two days after that, everything looked like it had returned to normal. During his daily workout at the gym, Sonny glanced at the news on the television, suddenly a brief interruption with a message of warning, “A child disappeared around Arroyo Park, by the name of David, he is eight years old, brown hair, fair skin, light brown eyes, at the time of his disappearance wore a white T-shirt and jeans at the time was walking not far from his parents. It is unknown who could kidnap, any information go to the police department or call the following numbers…”. Sonny froze with such news and knew would sound his cell phone and that was it, “Ex-officer De Greco you’ve heard the news, I told you. it would be very big”. Sonny interrupted him, “Bastard, do not touch the kid, I will find you and I will kill you!” “Hey!! Hey!! What happened to the preacher of love and forgiveness?? you will not have to seek me, I’ll tell you where I am but you will come alone, you will not inform any of this to your fellow cops, alone or the child does not reach its nine birthday, but all at due time”. “Do not touch the boy, you want my damn life psychopath!! my life for the child”. “Sonny, careful with your vocabulary seems that is not the same as you use in your writings, I did not hear any word of faith and hope… I think you’re just a liar and that you do not even have guts to face me, very soon you will receive details about the meeting”.

Sonny called to Andrew, “Andrew the child’s disappearance…”  “Sonny, yes we are working with all our efforts in the search for the boy”. “Andrew, promise in the name of our friendship you will no say anything, go out where no one can hear you, I do not have much time”. Andrew pulled away to a place without witnesses, “Sonny, are you crazy? this may cost me my career, my job”. “Andrew, the abduction from the child is connected with me, remember the author of the above incidents, is the same man, is a damn psychopath , when I receive the details and I will rescue the boy, The police must not know about it or he will sacrifice the child”. Andrew promised secrecy, two hours later, Sonny receives a text message, “No police, in two hours at Lake Padden, the challenge is, if you can defeat me the kid it will be release, if not both are going to leave this life, I have known you were a fighter from old school, we will see how good you are against one of the new era”.

There was not much time to think, Sonny prepared his personal weapon and put a small knife grabbed around his ankle under the pants. Then step by Lindsay House, “Hi Lindsay, can you give a few minutes?” “Yes, Sonny I hear you”. “Lindsay, I want to apologize because I was never the husband that you expecting of me, I’m sorry! I was always very selfish with my time and my passions, I apologize for it, I ask forgiveness for not having been able to give you what you wanted, what you needed, I have many faults, you have more virtues…” “Sonny, Sonny, what is wrong with you? this seems like a farewell without return”. He held her, she knew in that embrace that something was very wrong, “Sonny, do not go, I beg you please! to wherever you’re going, do not go!!”  ” Lindsay, you are better than me, I accept that I hate you did not know how to listen and much more, hated you did not know cooking but I could overcome it, I have forgiven the offense that you offense that you made me, the worth that I had ever received from anyone, but the episode frame me the rest of my life, something is broken inside me that could never be repaired, that offense gave the strength to accept the divorce when you asked for it”. “Sonny, do not go!” while she sobbed, “Do not go, I have many memories of you that cannot be forgotten, I have your smile, I have all the times we shared together…”. then He smiled and said, “Also you cannot forget the mess I left in the house”. Then went to the Alice’s room, she engrossed playing with her new tablet. “Hi, Daddy, watch this, I will teach you to play this new game, you want to play with me?” “My Sweet Little girl, “Play” is a very important word for you”. It’s because I miss you Daddy, before we played every day, the monster game and also we boxed and I always won also we would gather flowers and talked about what God created while we walked, I miss all that”. “My daughter, very soon we will do those things again, now I have to go and I need lots of kisses to have energy. The little one rushed at him, “Here are many kisses to you Daddy”. and left with a song invented by themselves, was always the same, Lindsay had never paid attention to this until today. Sonny began the first part, “You are my life, you are my love…” and the sweet Alice ended it, “You are the hope of my heart”. Lindsay heard them and looked at them both and went into another room to mourn. Sonny went away and stopped before leaving by the church and entered a prayer room, he knelt, “My Lord forgive the mistakes of my life, forgive me. Sometimes I wish I could return to my past and change it, I would like to change the world for a better place, but I have not the ability to do that, Lord forgive me, my selfish attitude in my marriage, forgive the pain that I caused to the people who live around me. Give me the strength to save the life of this innocent child”.

Then come out of the church, a light rain began to fall, the street was desolated and gray, Sonny went to Lake Padden and when he got there, he saw at the opposite end of the lake a light shining on the dense forest, then he rushed to get there, once in place, almost all was quiet just a few birds were heard to fly from one tree to another and to complete the grim scenario loud thunder was heard to the distance and a glowing lighting lit up the place and there was the figure of the hijacker in the middle of that light and the child was only a few steps away tie the trunk of a tree, he said, “Sonny, do not take another step and you can call me, Jack”. “Okay, Jack just let me check that child is okay.” “Yes, you can do but leave your weapon where I can see it, I’m aiming straight at your head, so do it carefully”. Sonny left the gun on the ground and headed up the child, “David, how are you? Are you hurt? Please, tell me”. “No, Sir he has not hurt me, not yet, get me out of here, I want to go home”. “Take easy, I will, but I must to warn you that you will see a bloody fight, trust me I will defeat him”. Sonny that is enough I also drop my gun. Come and show me your power”.

Both men were in combat position, they looked at each other rudely, there was no mercy. Jack said, “here we are old man” and turned with spectacular throw kicked Sonny on the head who fell to the ground rolling over his body. Sat up quickly and try to attack with a punch that was blocked by Jack giving both a sharp blow on the left side of the body, Sonny grasped, bowed but did not fall, again in position, he try to catch up with some punches, but could not find the rhythm to achieve it. Jack with satanic smile said, “Sonny too much desk work…”, they crossed many blows of fists, which were blocked in a surprising way, Jack turn extremely fast on this own body giving a hammer blow in the face of Sonny who fell almost senseless, dizzy could not stand up, spit blood, looked at the boy and that was enough to give the necessary will power to do so, he said to himself, “I will not allow it, I will not allow it!!”. Standing once said, “Jack is all you have to give damn maniac!”, then found the rhythm, jumping like a professional boxer, dodged some punches, Jack threw a kick with the right leg which Sonny caught with his left arm and dealt a heavy blow with the elbow of the right arm on top, exactly on the quadriceps, Jack fell to the ground in pain, limping he stood up, throw some punches cuffs without success. Sonny blocking a beating arm and dealt a terrible blow on the right side of the raptor’s face, the stagger the ex-officer applied a left punch on the other side of the face, Jack collapsed, Sonny put his knees on Jack’s arms and apply blows, so hard that they broke the nasal septum, telling, “Yes, I’m a man of the old school and this is what we do, bastard!!”. Jack, seemed totally unconscious in a pool of blood, Sonny stood up, raised his gun and head up the child with a smile, “Kid, I won, I won”, suddenly was heard, “I never lose”, Jack was pointing directly to the child, then Sonny very quickly covered with his own body the boy, receiving the shot in the back and both fell to the ground by such impact, Jack fired several shots without hitting a target, then Sonny sat up with great difficulty pointing the gun at Jack. Sonny , “Do not kill me, forgive me, forgive me!” “Jack, you do not leave choice I will die soon then you will murder the child.” “But, you believe in forgiveness.” “I also believe in justice.” and was given the first shot in the right shoulder, “Oh!! I do not want to die! forgive me!!”. Practically powerless, Sonny pointed exactly in the middle of the Jack’s eyebrows, “Is not my business to forgive you, I know what I’ doing, not forgiveness for you, not forgiveness for me…then, I will see you in hell.”Two consecutive shots hit he head of psychopath, the nightmare over.

Then Sonny collapsed on the ground and crawled to where David was, took the knife from his ankle and with difficulty breathing cut loose the bonds, the child once free hugged Sonny while called Andrew, “Friend, I’m dying the kid out danger, I eliminated Jack, tell my father that I did the right may not understand my death and protect my daughter..” “God!! we’re on our way”.

Sonny said, “Son, I’m sorry that you saw all this horror, there must be a reason, please try often to visit my little daughter…” , it was the last thing that he said coughed and gush of blood came out of his mouth while the boy hugged him crying, “Yes, Sir I will”. A few minutes later a helicopter and patrol arrived, the paramedics were caring for David, Andrew approached Sonny’s body, “My old patrol partner, you did the right thing rest in peace.”

Days later during the funeral, Sonny’s farewell by the police station was done with twenty one shots, there was also a representative of the White House sent specially by USA President, there was eloquent allusive speeches regarding such a heroic deed, others only highlighted Sonny’s life. Lindsay, received the American flag wrapped around the coffin in ceremony that impacts the spirit of who love those heroes who fall in the line of duty.

Denisse, laid a red rose on the coffin, “Babe, no place in my apartment to anyone except you…” Lindsay approached her, “He was very special to you, right?” “Just that, peace for your mind, he was all a gentleman, never touch a hair of my head, he loved you.” Lindsay broke into inconsolable crying, “I still love him”. But the most endearing image was that of a boy holding the hand of a little girl, Alice and David, “Alice I’ll be around you as long as necessary, I promised your Daddy”. “I know David, I dreamed last night my Dad, told me that he is okay although I cannot see him and also told me I could trust you”. They continued walking holding hands in deep dialogue that nobody could hear.

Some daily news, criticized the extreme action of former police saying, “The creator of numerous books about forgiveness did not know to forgive”. Others justify the fact of saving an innocent life said, “There was not choice, not alternative. In fact, Sonny’s follower readers not forgive his action and the punishment was that stopped reading his books, Andrew made a public a letter to end the dispute, “These words are addressed to those who judge the action that my former team mate took. Sonny that day saved the life of David, I think he did the right thing, it was an extreme situation, I think in life often we find very difficult situations where we must make decisions, this was one of them, it was not let evil triumph over good, was to preserve the life of an innocent child who just begun to live, beyond to believe in forgiveness, what would you have done instead of Sonny, leave it to your conscience rid judge the fact, but not forget to ask before you do”.

Time passed and something happens, books and writing of Sonny was requested by the general public and libraries. Andrew aware of this, walking along Lake Padden, looked at the sky and said, “My friend Sonny, I have fulfilled my promise to you and the Law of Forgiveness has finally done its job”. that day had begun coincidentally spring, life was reborn again.

” The Mighty Universal Language of the Love” Part 2, by Rocky Romano


0414152113-00 Central Park, New York, 6:00 pm, the snow was covering the ground, the trees seemed to tremble at that unbearable cold, the loneliness of the place conveyed fear, insecurity and helplessness. Only two men there in silence without witnesses, both were in a position to fight, and their eyes had fear and death. Both possessed combat knives and both knew how use it, the battle had begun, quietly walked in circles while wielding their deadly weapons, every drop of sweat from their faces was the product of deep fear of pain. Suddenly from the shadows of the trees emerged a human figure which indicated was a man of medium height and strong build, walked and stood in their midst, his presence gave the feeling of mysterious respect, then the fighter responded telling, “What do you here? this is not your business..get out of here before you get hurt.” He looked…

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