Time of Gratitude

Resize_0122151455-00_01Two years ago, the morning of Thanksgiving 2012, I was on top a mountain, not far from my house. I remember clearly, that at the time, I left my mind blank, because, I wanted to feel, the fresh mountain breeze caress my face, when, I do this, I feel free with the deep feeling, that, I can fly away. Amid, this haunting stillness, where, only you can feel the wind blowing and the cry from and an eagle, making its presence felt as the absolute king of the mountain….suddenly  thought comes to my mind and looking around, I said, ..wow!!!.. how beautiful and immaculately peaceful it ‘s  up here, but, elsewhere only deafening noise of guns, which bring only death and destruction, at the moment, I said to myself, oh!! God!! I am a really lucky man….thank you..!!Following the stream of my thoughts, I realized, it was very cold, but, at the same time, I felt warm, thanks to my Winter clothes…and in other places, there are people, suffering from cold, without the necessary clothing to cover this need, I felt compassion for  them and gratitude for my clothes. Trough all these thoughts , my body felt hungry and I remembered, that, my family, were waiting for me, in my warm house, with an exquisite turkey, mashed potatoes and a wonderful dessert, I wept for those, who do not have the opportunity, to enjoy all these privileges. Before descending the mountain, I knelt and I gave, THANKS, to God and the Universe for all of these good things, that, I have in my life. Today, so close to Thanksgiving 2014, I want to RENEW, my gratitude for everything, that, I have, truly love from my family and good friends, for this amazing country, America,for the food,clothes…everything….I really need to say, THANK YOU…


13 thoughts on “Time of Gratitude

  1. Carol Balawyder says:

    Reading your post this morning made me realize how much I have to be grateful for: just for having another day to live, friends that I will meet later to celebrate a birthday, money to buy a new washing machine that will come today and for posts like yours that remind me to be grateful. Thanks. 🙂


  2. MichelleMarie says:

    Oh wow! Gosh we just never know the plight of others do we? I think of this a lot as well. Then I think I am only one person but if each of us touched one person how awesome would that be! Having a thankful heart is the biggest blessing one can have I think! This is beautiful! 😀 I came over to say Hi and read one of your posts before I drift off somewhere! Blessings on your Sunday! 😀


    • rockyromano10 says:

      Oh!! Michelle you made me my day…thank you! Very sweet of you! I will sleep very well, I have the feeling..like you..I have some difficult to sleep…sometimes really hard, that’s why my training help me with that. Thank you for your all kind words…Tonight, I feel very happy.-

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      • rockyromano10 says:

        Dear Friend Michelle..Today morning, I was thinking in you and I was reviewing our last conversation and I had the feeling, that, maybe you thought, that I was little rude with you, when I told you” Now, I am correcting my last story” which did not means, that you were bothering to me..I was trying to share with you, what I was doing at that moment…I never could hurt with any word a such wonderful and sweet person as you..Never..believe me..I just was sharing with you, what I was doing…sharing..but, I think my expression sounded rude, was not my intention..if you felt that..please!! receive my apologies from my spirit.. I really love to talk with you…my soul feels full of joy doing that.I hope..I do not bothering you sharing, what i do with my life…Hugs..Sincerely

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      • MichelleMarie says:

        Oh no i was not upset at all! It was almost 3 am so I was tired but certainly you could not upset me at all! Today I had a quiet day! My girl has been very ill over the holidays ans then sustained a concussion in an accident the day before Cmas! Now she has pneumonia and is back in the hospital ER! They tried to keep her but ahe wanted to try to recover on her own! Still waiting on tests!
        Dont ever think you upset me!
        You are not rude at all! I promise! I think it is wonderful that you are sensitive to such things! I’m here hanging out and waiting! 😄😄hugs to you MM


      • rockyromano10 says:

        Michelle…I so sorry about your little one..she will be okay…she will be in my prayers..I am not religious man..but.. I am truly believer….I will pray in my heart for her…I believer in prayers..thank you to understand my feelings. Hugs and Peace to you.-


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