THE EDGE OF AN ABYSS “The Commitment”

0116152220-00I was on the edge of  an abyss, the road was very narrow, the earth trembled, I lost my balance and I fell, just gripping the edge of precipice with the tips of my fingers, my body was hanging just by the strength in the fingers of my hands. In that moment, I knew for sure, that I could not hold on in that position for long time; my time had come. Yet, I did not want to die, not yet….not yet! Then, I desperately yelled so that all could hear in that vast solitude of the mountains: “Oh, God!! Help me! I cannot finish like this, not today. I have done outstanding “. “Please! Oh, God, listen to me”.There was only silence, only the overwhelming heights, Winds, and rain hit my face. The pain was intense in my hands, my strength left, I abandoned myself, the time had come. I fell, the trip was endless. Suddenly, I hear a familiar voice, a voice, that I could hear throughout all this vastness….My Guardian Angel, her hand touching my face, and her saying, “Daddy!! Daddy!! wake up!”. Oh, My Sweet Lord!, I woke up, and hugged my beautiful girl, who was standing next to my bed, trying to help me wake up. I hugged her with all my strength, and she said, “Daddy, you screamed while you sleep, I think you had a nightmare, very ugly,…maybe some monster?” I smiled and said, ” Thank you!., while I breathed in the familiar scent of my daughter and kissed her little hands. I said to her, ” Hayley, Hayley, I love you, I love you, you ‘re the reason for my life”, she answered me, “Daddy, I love you, too” and she hugged me with her usual tenderness. At the moment, my heart was happy.

Throughout the rest of that day, I thought to myself, that the dream was some kind of a message from the Universe. I wondered to myself, ” Am I ready, if have to depart from this life, now?”, to which my inner voice answer me, “Not, yet. Not, yet”. I interrupt this inner dialogue by saying, “Back off! come on!!..I am a good Citizen, Husband, Father, and Neighbor….What else?”. My inner voice responds, ” You always talk about a better World….so…where is your extra mile? where is the word of encouragement, faith and love, for those who cross your path, and you do not really know them?where is your merit?”, to which, I reply,” You are talking about positively impacting people, right? I know, what are you talking about”. My inner voice says,”It is beyond that, it is an positively impact chain, so that Goodwill, Love, Compassion, the Spirit of The Good Samaritan is transmitted from one person to another”. I smiled and said, ” Am I going crazy? What are you asking me?..What you ask me is ridiculous! it is too big for me, it is impossible!!” The inner voice responds by saying, “You, just do your part…..everyone must do their part…”

After a week of thinking about this, I accept the challenge from my inner voice, or maybe from the Universe. I still really do not know whom this idea come from. So, I, made a “PERSONAL COMMITMENT’, which says: that, I will work every day of my life, and anywhere, to positively impact every person that comes across my path.

Dear Reader, from the bottom of my heart, I want to invite you, if you want a better World, if you do agree with my personal personal commitment, if you have the opportunity in your daily life, Please..positively..impact those whom you find on your way, you and your life will be filled with light, and will be connected to the force of the Universe. Believe me, I’ m working on it, with the HOPE, that one day, we will find a World overflowing with GOOD DEEDS. Speaking for myself, I want to be ready, if life puts me over the edge.

Oh!! I must give you my apologizes…I have to interrupt this blog, because, at this moment, Hayley, my little daughter, is right here beside me, with a good question, “Daddy, Daddy! I was wondering, if you can play with me, now?”….Well, part of my commitment is also spend quality time with my little angel, so…Off I go…I will see you very soon in my next blog.


10 thoughts on “THE EDGE OF AN ABYSS “The Commitment”

  1. jeanbota says:

    Love it Rocky…. love the imagery and the suspense as I read, always thinking, what is gping to happen? Great commitment, it begins with one, then another, and on and on, for we never know who we affect and what differences’ we make in a person’s life each day. Keep writing friend, its beautiful… 😉 …

    Liked by 1 person

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