The Way of the Fighter, Time of Reflection”

0117151243-00Two days ago, during my training at the gym, I was boxing with my partner Clyde. He and I were in the third round, when suddenly, I got distracted for a few seconds with thoughts that had nothing to do with training. I lowered my guard, and did not block the blow that Clyde gave in the face. Luckily ,his punch wasn’t too bad. Clyde, shouted at me, ” Hey, Man! What is your problem? It is time to fight, Man! Focus on it. It’s not time to be day dreaming! Save that for another time!”

At that moment, Abel, another of our boxing partners, interrupted with joke,” Clyde, you are wrong,Christmas is coming. The old year, 2014, is ending. It’s the perfect time for Rocky to think, to reflect,come on, Man! Don’t be so rude. We aren’t training for the Heavyweight Championship of the World!” We all looked at each other, and laughed, including, Clyde. After our training, Abel, suggested that we share some coffee and donuts, saying,” Guys, let’s get some coffee, and eat some donuts. Rocky pays today, since you were the one that got hit the most!” I answered him, “Yeah, Abel, you ‘re right, today, I’m the loser, I’ll pay for it.”

When we were in the cafeteria, sipping delicious hot coffee, which is especially nice this cold season, and eating the great tasting donuts, Abel( the very spiritual, intelligent, and pure-heart person,that is always helping those around him with the distinguished humility that characterizes great human beings, and I love him as my own brother said,” Guys, I truly believe that we should think about what we did with our lives this year, and then think about what we want to do next year. I thought about it.” Abel paused, and we looked at each other, then he went on to say, ‘Around this time on year, when Christmas comes, most of us feel that our heart sings, and we have a spirit of good will and love for our neighbors. I have asked myself, why not retain this feeling year-round? these same feelings that make us feel brotherly love” Clyde, said ” Well, is very difficult to keep that spirit of goodwill throughout the year, as new challenges come and everyday problems of life. Stress destroys every good feeling.” I added, ” The fight of Life” Abel, continued , saying, ” That is the point. We are fighters; don’t you remember? when we were young guys, we sounded like we were the good guys, always fighting for justice. As time passed, we got carried away by the current, with the excuse of what many say, that the World is losing Human Values, and what we ended up is normal guys, just trying to get along. Fellas, come on! we can still make a difference, fight the great battle, there are people, there more organizations that think like us” I looked at Clyde, and read his thoughts, then I said, ” Abel, what you ‘re saying is all very beautiful and brave, it’s a philosophy full of courage and love, but how do we actually do it?” Abel removed his glasses, took a sip of coffee, and said, ” By applying the same Faith, Courage, Strength, and Perseverance that we use in our training, lifting weights, running, and hitting the heavy bag; that the same determination!” Clyde said,” you. know, I’m not very smart, so you ‘re going to have to explain what you mean to me.” Abel, replied, ” Maybe you ‘re not, but you have a heart of gold, we need to go back to our roots. Let’s start by doing small things, like defending someone that’s weaker than you, by helping a blind or elderly person cross the street, by stopping for a moment to read the sign of beggar that is asking for help, and give that person some food or shelter, maybe a free tent, instead of judging why is he or she there begging instead of working like the rest of us. It isn’t our job to judge. Our work is to help society. We can even volunteer one day a month in charity group, and above all, smile and practice showing others kindness, as though Christmas were every day.” Then, I said, ” Clyde, during our training, when we were sparring, and I forgot to block your jab to my face, because, I was daydreaming, I was thinking a lot like Abel; I know wasn’t the right time.” Abel, interrupted by saying. ” I know Rocky, I’ve known you for ten years now, that’s why I thought we should have this coffee and chat.” While finishing his coffee, Clyde said, “Okay, guys, let’s each work on this idea, and meet here once a month to see how each other’s progress is going, and to share our experiences.”

Finally, I said, Guys, I agree with you, but now I really need to go, I have to cook dinner tonight.” I smiled, and continued, saying, ” Now you can see how tough I am, Mr Mom.” Everyone laughed.

That night, after dinner, when everyone went to sleep in my home, I took the opportunity to continue working on a project, a short story titled, “Pursuit of Redemption”. My cell phone rang, it was a text from Abel that said, ” Rocky, do not forget about our workout at 5:00 pm this Friday. Be ready to fight.” I smiled, because, I read beyond what was written, I read the thought of my friend, and I answered him with this text, ” I will be ready to fight, that’s my destiny.”


10 thoughts on “The Way of the Fighter, Time of Reflection”

  1. Amber Danette says:

    You write so eloquently and beautifully. You most definitely have a way with words. And I don’t know how you do it; That boxing lark. Gosh- getting punched, you must have the courgage of a lion.


  2. jeanbota says:

    This is a beautiful story and so well done !! As I read I could feel the depth and true meaning of being a fighter, a defender of the less fortunate, of someone who truly cares…..Wow, you are so fortunate to have such a good friend as Abel, for guys don’t or can’t relate like this. I love this story, please continue as we need to know how the year goes… my heart is happy tonight… 😉 there is so much good in the world….<3


    • rockyromano10 says:

      Dear Jean, it is a blessing for me to find on my way people like you with the same interest, which tells me, I’m not mistaken, we can still make this world a better place for us and also for future generations…so, as you I feel happy tonight..Please..keep in touch…Thank you very much.

      Liked by 1 person

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