The Way of the Fighter, Time of Reflection”

Merry Christmas!!


Two days ago, during my training at the gym, I was boxing with my partner Clyde. He and I were in the third round, when suddenly, I got distracted for a few seconds with thoughts that had nothing to do with training. I lowered my guard, and did not block the blow that Clyde gave in the face. Luckily ,his punch wasn’t too bad. Clyde, shouted at me, ” Hey, Man! What is your problem? It is time to fight, Man! Focus on it. It’s not time to be day dreaming! Save that for another time!”

At that moment, Abel, another of our boxing partners, interrupted with joke,” Clyde, you are wrong,Christmas is coming. The old year, 2014, is ending. It’s the perfect time for Rocky to think, to reflect,come on, Man! Don’t be so rude. We aren’t training for the Heavyweight Championship of the World!” We all looked at…

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4 thoughts on “The Way of the Fighter, Time of Reflection”

    • rockyromano10 says:

      well..hard workout with weights and boxing are parts of my passion in my life..I cannot live without them…long time ago, I was practicing Kung Fu..but not just hard workout and some are boxer,! Amazing…amazing!


      • MichelleMarie says:

        Kick boxing. Not like a female boxer but I do kick box and Pi-yo. I like it! Yes I have my own boxing gloves. I have a pretty good round house kick…I might be a little rusty I’ve taken off 3 weeks, my girl has been sick so I went back today. I probably won’t be able to get out of the chair! 😀 I like it though! 😀


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