” A Coffee With God: An Illuminated Day” by Rocky Romano

0113151357-00It’s in the morning, my desk is located in front of a window…is nice, as I write, I look outside, I can see the birds flying and the tops of the green trees. At this time the window is open and I can breathe pure and fresh air coming from outside. My mind gives a message to my body, ” You need a black coffee with honey”, I head to the kitchen and prepare the black coffee with honey…yum!! I love the smell of coffee, I return to my studio and I think I would say to God if I invite Him to share a coffee with me… I back to the kitchen and bring another cup of coffee and put it located on one side of my desk I  image that He is there, ready to listen…I feel in my spirit that He is ready for this….I know that He is a good listener. I took my first sip of coffee, that I tasted with pleasure…well, here we are facing, ” My Lord, I have much to tell you, my last three days has not been good for me, my heart is very hurt and although, I learned the law of forgiveness, has not been enough to end this pain makes my sensitive soul in darkness of loneliness and sadness..tell me..if the answer is to give my other cheek,…tell me, if this teaching is still in force.” I take two sips coffee followed, the breeze again move the curtain, fresh air reactive my mind and I continued talking loudly, ” Yes, I know..this is an unusual way to talk with you, maybe, I should be on my knees at this time, but I think this way is comfortable for both.”

I am drinking my coffee, that starts to get cold and add, ” Yeah, maybe it is the way, turning the other cheek, trying to help the offender with Love and Compassion, guiding him step by step that have taken wrong path, that attacking and offending those around him is this also up damaging himself, helping him grow in his soul the seed of cordiality and oxygenating his mind with harmony.”

My room is full of silence, the silence that can be heard, if the heart is receptive to the solitude, and I remember a story of my father told me about an episode of his life. I remember his word in my mind, ” Son was a Christmas in my life, I was alone, far from my family, was time to work hard, no matter what, In Christmas eve, I invited to God to dinner with me, then I put a plate and extra glass at my table, I know that God was there that night having dinner with me, and I discovered that many times, He speaks through the silence.”…Oh!! Dad..now, I understand, what you were talking about.

My coffee is completely cooled down, however, I continue drinking it, and I keep talking to God, “My sweet Lord, during these days, when my heart has cried, I lost my connection to any source of inspiration, I lost my connection with the Universe, this has affected me a lot.” I start to laugh and say,” Do you remember…of course you do..Joe, the young man, who has following my steps in the gym…yes, the same that, adopted me as his big brother and trainer, he used to tell me, ” Hey..Rocky..you make me laugh, you’re a big strong guy and your heart is so weak and sensitive, not match, you know, see a big guy..sprout tears from eyes to suffering of others…” well, well, well, .”.Joe, if you were here, I could to tell you, I also cry with my own pain and I intend to help others…you are right, not match”

I drink the last sip of my coffee and continue, ” Lord, have not drunk a sip of coffee, maybe..because, you spent all your time has to listen…My lord, I want to ask you comfort and relieve my spirit and heal the wounds of my heart, I want to ask you, reconnect me with any source of inspiration, whether with that sublime magic that filled my mind with images, memories and teachings that become word written..yes, My Lord, reactive my imagination as writer, with which I can relive my childhood and then write, with which I view my workouts, with which I can feel, again, the beautiful fragrance of the flowers of my Grandmother’s garden and she used to tell me,” Rocky, everything you see around you, is the creation of God…tell if not beautiful”…I feel that my voice cracks, but still continue,” Lord, I feel, I am doing the right thing by following this passion to write and thereby help make a better world, please!..Release me from this pain.”

The silence is still in my room, from outside come some bird singing…I have nothing more to say, and I feel the need for another coffee, I decide to go to the kitchen for more coffee, when I return to my studio, I find myself, the wind moved completely the curtain of my room, I feel, that He is not there and think. ” He’s gone, probably had another appointment, another invitation to treat another wounded heart.”

By the window, I look out and see the sun through the wispy clouds, I have the beautiful feeling, that my soul has not pain, I feel comfort..yes..those sunshine lit up my spirit.

Friend Reader, in many circumstances of your life, you can see to yourself defeated by suffering and pain, but let me share this with you, never stop feeling love to yourself, so you’ll have the ability to forgive others that caused you the injury or simply ignoring them, because it makes no sense be remembering what hurts you..because, that memory will come back to hurt you, again…trust in the power of your soul. In fact, I am sure, God hears directly or indirectly..probably put someone special in your  way, that will listen and help you with the strength necessary to overcome your situation, also He will hear your prayers for help, I believe that, He likes to share the things that, we enjoy, that is the point of the healthy joy of living…the simple things in the life…as simple as sharing a coffee with God.

“Why am I so sad? Why am I so troubled?

I will put on my faith in God, and once again,

I will praise him, my savior and my God”

Psalm 42:5


6 thoughts on “” A Coffee With God: An Illuminated Day” by Rocky Romano

  1. MichelleMarie says:

    Oh wow this is beautiful and I love the story about your dad I do believe he taught you something beautiful. I will tell you I have been having my coffee with since the year 2000. Sometimes I get up 2 hours early just to witness the dawn and sunrises. I think they are a gift and also the silence is wonderful. Wonderful post I love this! I also love the verse you quoted! Have a wonderfully blessed day! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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