“The Marathon: The Day That Cancer Lost the Race”

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0116150046-00Let me introduce you to my friend Shelley. She is a great marathon runner. I would say that she was born to run, is an incredible athlete, never gives up, her willpower is the fuel that always make her reach the goal. If there is a word for this quality, I would choose the word “STUBBORN”, but above all things, Shelley is a human being full of love, compassion, and kindness to her neighbor, an excellent mother, wife, and friend. I had the blessing of meeting her at a great company, where we worked together for several years; she was the Manager of Human Resources, so she was, to me, ” The Big boss”. She always supported me that with the team I commanded, ( at that time, we managed our personal and work goals), she helped to mentor me and made me part of many projects in the company…

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