THE EDGE OF AN ABYSS “The Commitment”


0116152220-00I was on the edge of  an abyss, the road was very narrow, the earth trembled, I lost my balance and I fell, just gripping the edge of precipice with the tips of my fingers, my body was hanging just by the strength in the fingers of my hands. In that moment, I knew for sure, that I could not hold on in that position for long time; my time had come. Yet, I did not want to die, not yet….not yet! Then, I desperately yelled so that all could hear in that vast solitude of the mountains: “Oh, God!! Help me! I cannot finish like this, not today. I have done outstanding “. “Please! Oh, God, listen to me”.There was only silence, only the overwhelming heights, Winds, and rain hit my face. The pain was intense in my hands, my strength left, I abandoned myself, the time had come. I fell…

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