” The Heart of My Little Angel”

I just added a picture photo.


0122151425-00Today in the morning, I saw my little one, Hayley ( almost five years old), reviewing her closet, at that moment, I asked her, ” Sweet heart, what are you doing, there?”, My daughter answer me,”Daddy, I’m choosing any of my clothes, that I do not use, is very cold outside and many people may need it, we love people, right?”…I said, “Wow, then, let me help you”.

I thought in silence,” Oh! My sweet Lord, I cannot believe that so quickly, she learned the value of helping our neighbors…but, certainly, she did it.”

We put on all the clothes in a clean bag and went together to the place of donation, I gave the bag to my little one, that she deliver it…she looked at me and smiled…

I am grateful to God for this beautiful Angel, who is under my care, I am very proud of it. Today…

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