” That Bridge That Links Us to Love and Life”

This photo was taken by my little daughter.


0122151517-00 (1)When I was a child of nine years old, and since then, I showed a marked interest in writing and the search for interesting books, which was not coincidence that in school, always I excelled in literature class…unfortunately, when I reached my teens, around my seventeen- years old, I quit my passion to write about the life…only sporadically, writing for a local newspaper about some issues politicians of the moment, with the passing of the years, I found it myself and return to my roots, my passion for writing.

In my ten years old, I do not know how, I do not know why or maybe, I just do not remember about that..a poem or something like that come to my hands, writing in another language, whose the author was a foreigner, I cannot remember his name…was long time ago, I remember that someone translate the writing for me, which…

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