” The Mighty Universal Language of the Love” by Rocky Romano (Part 1)

0413150754-00Autumn, beautiful sunset at Alki Point, Seattle. The vast sea, always full of life left relentless waves reaching up to the quiet coast. Jean Paul a French writer without fame, totally unknown in the environment of writers, walked impatiently leaving footprints on the wet sand. Is that Julianne would not attend the meeting that both had scheduled?. When his heart was about to explode, she come, looked so beautiful as ever, her hair down wind moved it from side to side, approached to him, there was fire in the eyes of both. Jean Paul laid his hands on her shoulders and said, ” Ma vie, Je me sais pas comment je suis ne dans ce imprevue mon amour pour toi est s’ profonde qu’ aucune explication.” “Oh, Jean Paul, I do not understand what you’re saying, but I feel what you’re saying and like you, I do not know how this unexpected love was born, my heart still can not explain it.”  “Je ne comprends pas ce que vous dites je sais juste que tu es mon Univers et je te aime.” “No matter that you not understand what I’m telling you, I can only tell you that you are my universe and I love you, too.” Then, Jean Paul took her  into his strong arms  and both were confused in a romantic, deep and passionate kiss. Love had made a perfect translation.


7 thoughts on “” The Mighty Universal Language of the Love” by Rocky Romano (Part 1)

  1. jeanbota says:

    Oh Rocky, you are so welcome.. I have been so busy lately and it is time to settle down and begin my writing. I have so much to say, and last week, I made a pact with myself to take some ” me” time, and write… Write what is in my heart, and in visiting my site tonight, your words were also my fuel that inspired me… Divine timing ensures we, GET and UNDERSTAND their messages, always…. Blessings and hope to be on my page more… XO Have a great week….

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