” The Mighty Universal Language of the Love” Part 2, by Rocky Romano

0414152113-00 Central Park, New York, 6:00 pm, the snow was covering the ground, the trees seemed to tremble at that unbearable cold, the loneliness of the place conveyed fear, insecurity and helplessness. Only two men there in silence without witnesses, both were in a position to fight, and their eyes had fear and death. Both possessed combat knives and both knew how use it, the battle had begun, quietly walked in circles while wielding their deadly weapons, every drop of sweat from their faces was the product of deep fear of pain. Suddenly from the shadows of the trees emerged a human figure which indicated was a man of medium height and strong build, walked and stood in their midst, his presence gave the feeling of mysterious respect, then the fighter responded telling, “What do you here? this is not your business..get out of here before you get hurt.” He looked to them, smiled and said, “Ragazzi non combattono, Sono sicuro che si puo risolvere questo  problema con un po ‘di pazienza e di AMORE.” One of them, come over and dropped the knife, “You are very brave to be here, that deserves respect in our codes.” The other following the footsteps of his opponent nail his knife into a tree and added, “We do not understand what language are you speaking, sound like Italian, but anyways… I think that both of us feel what are you telling us, you are right as you said, we are sure that can solve this problem with a little patience and love.”

The three men made a circle and shook their hands in token of fellowship. The powerful language of the love, was an excellent interpreter of The Universe.


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