” The Mighty Universal Language of the Love” Part 3, by Rocky Romano

0426151933-00Hanoi, Vietnam, 1972

The American troops were there to help the village, Michael one of the soldiers walked carefully into one of the houses almost destroyed by the fire heard someone sobbed, then saw in the corner of the place a child recumbent on the ground, his clothes were burned, his body was bad and ulcerated by the power of the fire. Michael approached him, knelt down and with his right hand raise the head of the boy which spoke with a plaintive voice, ” Ca gia dinh toi da chet”. ” Yes, kid I understand that your whole family is dead, believe me, I am sorry..I am so sorry” The little boy stretched out his hand to take the soldier’s hand saying, “Toi khat nu’o’c, toi can nu’o’c. Ten toi la Quang. “Yes, I know you are thirsty, drink slowly, sip by sip, slowly. Quang, your name is Quang, I like your name, I’ll get you out of this hell..I promise you!”

Issaquah, Washington, State, USA, 43 years later

Michael celebrate his 65th birthday and also the first without his wife Diane, one year ago departed of this life, but the rest of the Michael’s family was there to celebrate the party, his son Quang, his daughter-in-law  and the beautiful grandchildren Michael II and Rose. The family was around Michael and receive many hugs and kisses from all them. Then, Quang looked at him and said, ” Father, today is the perfect time to thank you to become your son, thank you for give your last name, for saving my life, for having taken from that place where I had left without protection, without family, thank you for everything you did for me!..Happy Birthday Dad!!. Michael made a deliberate silence while wiping his tears, “Son, I  would have never abandoned in that hell, after to know that we were speaking the same language, a language that has not boundaries, yes!! that wonderful and powerful language of the love.”

My dear reader, I am sure that you and I, everyone are able to put into practice this language, no matter the situation and the place that we are, that mysterious ability is within each of us and the beautiful  of this, is that  is Universal.-


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