” The Writer Under Test” by Rocky Romano


0702152111-00This story is not true, is fiction. Any similarity is just coincidence. It is in honor those men and women who give their live for others, in honor of those who fall in the line duty, the duty we owe to life itself. Rocky Romano.

The cold froze the skin, only that morning was not present as particularly rainfall in Washington state, Sonny De Greco stepped onto the balcony of his house while drinking coffee with vanilla, observed the landscape which brought to his mind living memories that filled his soul with warm nostalgia, a feeling he grieved but not allow him to retain the past, everything was left behind.

That was a very special day for Sonny, who had served the local police for twenty years, was his last day of service in the police, decided his retirement after the overwhelming success of his latest book, “The Forgiveness Without Revenge” because…

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