“Father and Daughter a Team Forever” by Rocky Romano



I want to thank my daughter H.H., who helped me to compose the characters of this fictional story.


This story was written in the Present tense because it was dictated from my imagination in constant present.-


This is My Present

I am sitting at my desk, front of my computer, my mind is blank, in this precisely moment there is no source of inspiration that sends message to my mind, that mysterious energy creator who move the hands of the writers on the keyboard.

My name is David Bronson, I’m a writer, I started from nothing just folowing and giving free rein to my imagination to build a better world, throughout the years I written some books and I’m in a good position sales, last year my last book sold a million copies which I was selected as “Best Seller”. I have achieved recognition and some fame, which has not dizzy me, I keep myself living with the same humility that characterizes my life, held in my small cabin in front of a beautiful lake, in the most complete silence where I can hear the message from the Universe. Yeah! right! I have a personal life, an amazing person that is the reason of my life, my daughter, my little Angel whose name is Winter, she is very special since she was born exist a connection and unwavering confidence among us.  Today she is 18 years old, but for me is still my little girl that even needs my protection. Also she was and will remain part of my existence, my wife Kira. After our divorce she choosed to use her maiden name, she says does not want feel under the shadow of the fame that have led my books. Needless to say it is Kira who gave me  the best of my life, my daughter Winter.

Something is wrong

Apart from writing my own books, sometimes I have the luxury to write some articles for the magazine Reader’s Digest, in that I am at this moment. The subject commissioned by the editor, is about Moral Values in our youth of teenagers. But I have not accomplished anything so far, something is not right that not get the desired connection, something is wrong.


Suddenly my mind takes me to my hometown, that beautiful town Wales, who managed they culture and habits over various generations, now far from me, Porth Madryn in the last country in South America, front of the beautiful and pure waters of the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

Forty years ago my parents emigrated to America when I was only 10 years. I still carry in my soul the sweet song of the gulls and roar of the raging waves crashing against the rocks also the unforgettable stories of pirates and ghost ships of old boats that had disappeared centuries ago in those stormy and mysterious seas. My Grandmother used tell me that in sea storms nights between thunders and lightning used to see the phantasmagorical  silhouettes  of those ships.

My Present again

My thoughts return to my present, I need to drink cold water thinking about my daughter Winter that something is not right with her. I realize that this is the reason why I can not concentrate on my work of writing my article. In that moment I hear someone coming into my home.

“Hi Daddy, are you  home?” Winter wonders aloud.

“Oh! What a surprise! I did not expect your visit, is not the week you should be with me”. While approach and hug her.

Showing me concern, she tells me.

“Sorry! Dad, are you busy with your work?”.

“No busy for you. You are my daughter the most important thing in my life over anything. You are always very welcome, also this is your house, always will be”.

She hug me again.

“Thank you! Daddy. You know how much I love you! I enjoy being with you”.

To which I reply.

“I know Winter, I know. Here the same feeling. Today, coincidentally I was thinking about you”.

She smile while I ask her.

“I am very worry about your mother’s relationship with this new guy in her life. Can you tell me something about that”.

Winter look at me with real love and says.

“Daddy, you are incredible!, you cannot change your soul protector. I can only tell you that it is something that Mom never forget about you. But we are going to talk later about that”.

“As you wish, Winter”.

A Conversation Between a Dad and Daughter.

I see something in her eyes, but before I talk, she tell me this.

“Dad, I need to talk with you about an episode that happened in my life this week. Do you have time right now?”.

I smiling while I am taking our lunch box.

“Of course! I have time for you. Look at that, do you remember our lunch box the same that we used when you were a little girl, and got along water, apple juice and some snacks for our hikes and games in the park, ours Father and Daughter times”.

She looks at me tenderly and says.

“Yes, Daddy, how I could never forget that!. Even though you were tired after you work, you always had time for me”.

I hold back my tears. And then I say.

“Okay, okay! I think sandwiches and waters it will be enough. Let’s walk through the park and we will stop at the front of the lake and we will take our lunch there and you will tell me everything about what happened to you this week”.

Winter says.

“I love the idea!!”.

We are both walking in front of the lake and stop before a rustic wooden table which seems ideal for our lunch. We sit down and prepare to eat the exquisite sandwiches made by my hands.

Winter begins to tell me about what happened to her this week and had impacted this part of her life.

“Dad, this was a trial that helped me to put in practice The Moral Values that you and Mom taught me since I was a little girl. I never forget about what you said on our walks to the playground at the neighboring school”.

I add.

“I remember very well”.

She continuous speaking.

“Dad, you told me that everything it is about thinking before making a decision, because decisions can undoubtedly affect our future for better or worse

She continuous speaking.

“Yeah, Daddy! I clearly remember when you told me, If you take a good decision you will have the chance to have a happy future and you will enjoy the positive results, it will be the reward of having done the right thing”.

And we both continue to unison ending the sentence.

“And before any event feel free to take the right path”.

A Young Boy With a Dishonest Proposal.

I look  her eyes and still see my six years old little girl explaining to me about the good decisions she took in her days of first grade school.

“Two weeks ago I met in my gym class  a young handsome and nice boy, who invited me out to lunch. At the first time I found him very respectful gentleman and then I accepted the invitation”.

She pauses and continues

“And during the lunch he proposed  me something unexpected…”.

“What was the proposal?”. I ask

“Well, he invited me to be friends with benefits, then he paused and with a ridiculous smile he waited for my answer”.

I interrupt her and I express my anger.

“Evil boy!! I going to kick his ass!! I do not have any doubt what was your answer”.

Winter looks at me and say.

“I replied him in this tone way. You can keep your idiot smile for another occasion, you had chosen the wrong girl for your purposes, so get out of my life!”.

I stop at the moment and I can no longer continue eating my sandwich.

“Jesus! My Lord!”.

“Dad, do not worry about that. I feel really good about my decision. The Moral Values that you and Mon taught me are part of my personality. I just want to thank you, you and I always worked as a real team. We were always a Team!”.

And I add to the sentence.

“We are and will be forever”.

Well, everyone who knows me knows that I am very emotional man. I cannot contain my tears.

“Winter, I feel an immense pride of you, I always knew that you are very special Girl with a Heart of Gold”.

The Expression of Love

Winter approaches me and hugs me with the same love and tenderness that when she was six years old.

“Dad, you too.  You were and you are a wonderful father. I will keep you inside me, no matter where I have to go. By the way this episode in my life is solved”.

Smile and adds.

“This time was not necessary to kick any butt”.

Both, we laugh. Winter takes a brief pause and ask me.

“Daddy, can I stay at your house tonight? and you can cook a delicious dinner for me. I really miss much your meals!!”.

I think to myself , I should finish my story for the magazine Reader’s Digest, I have to comply with this commitment. Jesus!! I have not even begun!. But, I think that I will write it, while she sleeps at night. Then I reply.

“Of course!! Like old times!! How about roast meat with baked potatoes.?”

She responds very happy and excited.

“That would be great, Daddy!.”

Winter’s cell phone rings, she pick it up. I realize that it is her mother who is on the other side of the line. I leave the place showing due respect for the conversation between them.

Winter ends the conversation and approaches  me.

“Dad, I invite Mom to have dinner with us, she is very lonely and little sad, just broken her relationship with her boyfriend. It is fine for you?.”

I smile.

“Of course!, your Mother is always welcome in my house”.

Very happy she says.

“Thank you Daddy!.”

Winter makes a brief silence and asks.

“May I ask you something?”.

“Yes, shoot me!.”

“Why did you divorce her? I was the reason?. You spent a lot time of your life giving me the best, also Mom made it. I do not think both of you have devoted time to each other”.

I stroke her head feeling that is still my little girl and I answer.

“No, you were and you are the reason for our existences. If there was something in which your mother and I agreed, was in giving you Love, Protection and Teaching you The Moral and Spiritual Values, which created  you a confident person”.

Then she shoots me with the same question.

“Dad, tell me the reason!, what was the real reason?”.

I reply.

“I do not know and I do not know if I will ever know. Maybe we were too different or the worst, maybe too many alike. I really do not know!. I so sorry my sweet heart”.

It’s okay Daddy”.

The Old Grumpy Dog

We start walking towards my house, I still feel overwhelmed because I have not written anything to the Magazine Readers Digest. Suddenly in this instant we see a familiar figure, totally familiar walking toward us. I can see her smile from afar and for few second my heart freezes and come to my mind some very happy of my life with Kira. Again tears in my eyes. I blame to the seasonal allergies, obviously Winter does not believe me.

It’s funny both hug each other as if they had not seen for a long time. Then Kira approaches me and also hugs me.

“Hello Old Dog! How have you been? I have received some comments that you lately stopped snarling enough”.

To which I reply with a big smile.

“Do not believe that! I still continues growl with myself every morning when I am front the mirror and I can see a new wrinkle on my face and also during the day when I cannot remember where I put my glasses. The worst, not one in my home that could tell me where I leaved them”.

She adds

“That’s why you miss me, Grumpy Dog”.

“Yeah, maybe, maybe. But you know what barking dog does not bite”.

Kira smile and says.

“I know perfectly that”.

“Kira, thank you for coming”.

“Thank you! for having me”.

“Kira, is a good opportunity to talk about our daughter, I am very proud about her. You and I do not work in vain on her education, we gave the necessary steps to develop tools in her life, and so far is doing very well. She knows that the future depends largely on the decisions we make in the present. This is beyond any religion, God is present when we do the right thing”.

Kira look at me.

“David, the first thing that I can say is that I do agree with you. And the second thing is: Yours speech are so long as always, you never change that”.

We both start laughing and hug each other.

At home I cook while they watch a family movie. After finishing my magnificent dinner I bring both of them hot food and drinks to the sofa where they lie down.

They both laugh enjoying dinner and the movie. As in times past, tonight I become in their personal waiter.

“Daddy can you bring for me of this amazing meal?”.

And Kira joins to the orders for the Night Waiter.

“Hey, Grumpy Old Dog, since long time I did not eat anything so exquisite, bring me some more potatoes with cream and a piece of roast beef”.

I answer to both.

“Everything is on track Beautiful Ladies”.

And also I ask them a little patience!!

“I am not a machine, nothing is automatic!”.

Both laugh again and I hear a comment that is almost a whisper.

“You see Winter? The Old Dog has not stopped snarling.

I act like do not hear the comment I just smile.

I still absorbed in my thoughts about good decision that Winter had taken at this stage of her life, then it comes to my mind pleasant memories. When Winter was only six years old we were in a supermarket doing shopping routine, Winter and I were almost to pay our purchases, then my little girl bent down and picked up from the floor one hundred bill, I looked in surprise when she stretched her little hand toward the cashier and said.

“Ma’am I think this bill belongs to you”.

Then the cashier stretched her hand

“Thank you Princess! You are a good girl!!”.

At the same time I heard a comment that come from someone who was on the line behind us.

“Innocent Girl!! you should have kept with the money no one would have noticed of this”.

I turned around and looked at the person.

“You are wrong, she did the right thing!”.

We left the building and once outside I knelt down exactly in front of Winter.

“Winter, Daddy is very proud of you! You did the right thing, no matter what the world says. Remember this, if you do the right thing in your life, you will have confidence in yourself and your heart will be full of peace. God will be stroking your head saying”.

“Good Job Winter!”

Today I have the same feeling of pride about Winter and I realize that the different challenges that the life puts in her life, she knows that making good decisions and doing the right thing will result in a successful and peaceful future.

At this time Kira and Winter have finished the dinner and also the movie. Is too late, I see eye strain in Kira.

“Kira, you can spend the night here, there enough room for both of you in the Winter’s bedroom, two beds and the bathroom is decently clean. Tonight will be cold there you will find extra blankets. You are very welcome!”.

“Inspiration Always comes from Life”

“oh  David! You are so sweet, it is the part that we love from you the women that we cross in your way”.

I move my head from one side to the other.

“I quit, no women anymore. I am a failure with them. You were the last one”.

“hum!.. I have to believe you?”.

I look at Kira.

Yes, you have to. If not, what is the difference?”.

Then Winter approach and hugs me.

“Daddy, I love you with all my heart!! . Thank you for listening to me!. I’ll take milk with honey to my bed”.

“Winter, is not necessary that you do that, just let me know when you are in your pajamas and I will bring the milk with honey and chocolate cookies to your room”.

“Thank you Daddy!”.

“The same for you Kira, anything you need just let me know”.

Kira smile and says.

“well, you know, the usual lattes, but I will do them myself”.

“No Kira,  Tonight you are my guest. I will do them for you. The only thing after so many years I still do no understand how drinking coffee in the night you do not lose the desire to sleep. Is funny, maybe caffeine acts in reverse on you?”.

After I have led everything required by both and making sure they were resting, again, I am in front of my computer, I clasp my hands and sigh, I have made the connection. Oh yeah! I have the story that I will write to the Reader’s Digest, I just need forty eight hours to achieve my goal.

Then I write the following e mail to The Section Shorts Stories.

“My Dear Friend Editor, thank you for your patience in waiting for my story. I just want  to tell you that is it already fully written in my mind. I only need forty eight hours to type it, correct and send it. My story talks about a close relationship of trust and teaching between a Father and a Daughter and as the Moral and Spiritual values in a little girl accompany her until adolescence, helping her make good decisions in the course of life experiencing in this way a bright and successful future.

This story full of Faith and Hope was called, ‘Father and Daughter a Team Forever’.

Again thank you!  David Bronson”

I turn to my bed and think that every day is a challenge of decision making as each even small choice may affect our future. Without doubt Life is The Source of all Inspiration. Tomorrow awaits me a day full of expectations as not for a long time.
























4 thoughts on ““Father and Daughter a Team Forever” by Rocky Romano

  1. Kirt D Tisdale says:

    What a warm and wonderful read…..my wife and I raised three daughters…all married to great guys….I sooooo understand the father daughter relationship…I am blessed with that type of relationship with all three of my girls, even with them in their 30’s now…

    Liked by 1 person

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