” That Bridge That Links Us to Love and Life”

0122151517-00 (1)When I was a child of nine years old, and since then, I showed a marked interest in writing and the search for interesting books, which was not coincidence that in school, always I excelled in literature class…unfortunately, when I reached my teens, around my seventeen- years old, I quit my passion to write about the life…only sporadically, writing for a local newspaper about some issues politicians of the moment, with the passing of the years, I found it myself and return to my roots, my passion for writing.

In my ten years old, I do not know how, I do not know why or maybe, I just do not remember about that..a poem or something like that come to my hands, writing in another language, whose the author was a foreigner, I cannot remember his name…was long time ago, I remember that someone translate the writing for me, which remained in my mind and heart..well, I do not remember the exactly every word, but saying something like this, ” If somebody stretched his hand and the same time, another person stretched his hands in responding signal, a bridge will be built, an eternal bridge, that will unite the Love and the Life.”

Today, after my work, I return to my home, my little daughter ask me for a walk, then, she and I went to small forest near our house, while we were walking, we saw a bridge, very small…paradoxically, I remembered that poem and I told my little girl, ” Hayley, if you learn to extend your little hand to help others, you will be like that bridge helping to unite the Love and Life.”


8 thoughts on “” That Bridge That Links Us to Love and Life”

  1. jeanbota says:

    Rocky what a beautiful piece… yes, how beautiful the world would be, if we all extended our hand to the next person, animal or whoever needs our assistance and love. I love your analogy….yes, our children learn from us, they watch us, they model us and although there will always be the years of searching for their own identity and flavour of life, , they always return to their ” roots” of what they saw and heard… thank you for sharing.. πŸ˜‰

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